Monday, 21 January 2019


Super thrilled that the clouds stayed away for the entire lunar eclipse for us last night.  What a neat thing to witness!

Thursday, 17 January 2019


Good lord bodies are complicated!  And so terribly, terrifically connected.

I am a strong believer in a more holistic approach to health... something along the lines of "you can't treat a part without treating the whole" or, you know, something like that but fancier!

This isn't just the "leg bone's connected to the ankle bone" kind of thing, it's also the "endocrine systems's connected to the frigging every other system" kind of thing.  And so on and so forth.  There is also increasing evidence of the importance of mental and emotional health, and more and more research being done around the link of health and stress.  (I'm oversimplifying, but the point stands.)  When you look into how to have good heart health, they all talk about reducing this food or that food, and increasing exercise but they also all talk about reducing stress.  Oh, and quitting smoking.  So, at least I'm good there, right?!

This connection of things makes it difficult to figure out just how to go forward with treatment though.  I even found it with my shoulder. You find that other places in your body are hurting and it turns out it's because of how you're holding yourself do adjust for the shoulder pain or lack of mobility and then everything just kind of Jenga falls apart.  So is your elevated cholesterol from your diet?  Genetics?  Lifestyle?  Stress?  Why, yes, yes it is!  Or... isn't. 

And man oh man the constant mixed messages from the world right now about what to eat.  How to eat what you eat.  How not to eat.  I mean the heart and stroke people have pretty consistent guidelines but they aren't the same guidelines as health experts X and Y suggest and OMG can you all just calm the frig down for a minute and let me catch my breath here?

And boy do I feel for my brother.  Who has been watching his food, and exercising as well as being on the medication that was supposed to... help.  He was shocked, I think, that things happened despite all this and yeah, that's a wakeup call too.  Especially for me.  I've been just kind of coasting on "I'm pretty healthy" for a long while now.  I think a number of us do.

And can I just say this ageing stuff still sucks?


I know, a disjointed, unconnected blog babble.  Sorry.  I just, it's hard to write when you're also trying to keep stuff to yourself, you know?  I'm like some sort of top secret document where things are blacked out and [redacted] and you're trying to piece together what on earth is going on from the seven words that are left to be read.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019


At some point over the holidays (or... whenever), I read a quote from some author (yeah, I totally forget) saying that his method of writing his books is to write (I'm paraphrasing) "two hundred crappy words a day."  (He said shitty, but you know.. I'll be polite.)  I didn't read far into it but he said that sitting down every day to write two hundred words that didn't need to be good often lead to more than two hundred words and they often weren't all that crappy. 

So I thought about it for a few weeks (months?) and figured, well, what the hell, I can probably write two hundred crappy words a day, can't I?  I don't have a fiction story to tell.  In fact, I haven't the faintest idea how authors go about doing that, it seems like some kind of miracle to my mind.  (And yes, I know there are courses and classes and things I could read...)  But maybe if I just sat down to write every day, like I've done with photographs and like I've done with art, maybe just the practice of "writing" every day would bring me something.  Or not.

So for the last three days I've reminded myself at night to just type out two hundred words before I shut things down for the night.  And, so I have about eight hundred words that aren't really any thing other than me talking to an audience that doesn't exist about whatever it was that was on my mind that particular night.

Which... is what I used to do here.  Kind of.  But not really?

Authors (and those who study authors) talk about "voice".  And I get it.  I've always gotten it, but now especially I "get" get it.  This blog has a certain voice.  I have a way of writing here that has been going on for more than ten years.  There are things I don't talk about, and things I don't mention and there is also a particular way I write.  It's not quite the same as the writing I do in, say a journal/diary, or this two hundred crappy words a day thing I'm half contemplating.  Perhaps critics could recognize it as both from the same writer, but to me?  Writing them feels different.  It's interesting.

I did think that I could/should (?) just publish those two hundred words here, but then I thought I'd maybe rather not, at least not now.  But it did bring up the question, again, of the writing block I've had here since my life took a sharp turn towards "really fucking difficult" a few years back and the block I continue to have in terms of what to say.  I mean, this is me talking about my life.. for the most part.  But I'm not comfortable doing that when I have a lot of health and other aspects that I'm struggling with.  And fear.  Talking about fear and dealing with fear make everything that much harder.  In so so many ways.

But, I digress.  Kind of.

My brother is home and ok and resting and feeling fairly positive about going forward from here.  I know that now he'll be more aware of things and that he'll have extra care from the medical system and specialists.

Me?  I am waiting to go over my results with my doctor and seeing what suggestions she has for me and where I want to go.  I don't have enough information right now to piece together much.  Things might be totally fine (with some elevated cholesterol to deal with, ugh).  They might be medium fine with some things to watch.  Or, of course, they could be not so great and have the potential for needing intervention. 

I went through my old medical files (that I got when my doctor retired and my new doctor doesn't want... go figure) and managed to find old tests that suggested the same issue, so I'm reminding myself that I haven't died of it so far so... you know, maybe, probably not going to today?  I'm a little frustrated that my doctor didn't inform me of the abnormal results when they were first told, but perhaps she decided they weren't worth mentioning.  We'll see my new doctor's take on it, with additional information and the now evident "family history" aspect.  Sigh.

So, as I said, we're all a little shaken here.  Changes are in the process of being made, and I'm waiting to hear what, if anything should/will change for me. 

Here's hoping for the best and that I can make some changes happen without too much difficulty (ha!) and that I go forward in even better health this year. 

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Oh Boy

Ok, so, here's the thing...

Uh, my brother just kinda barely avoided a heart attack a few days ago. 

Which is a not all that overly dramatic way of saying he was having chest pain, went in to get it looked at and turns out he needed some interventions.

It's been a shock to us all, and my stress and anxiety have gone sky high.  I went in for a battery of tests myself and my cholesterol is slightly elevated as well as a couple of other things I'll go over with my doctor.

I'm somewhere between being in shock and totally freaking out.  And while things could have gone a lot worse for my brother and we're all very happy he went in when he did (more people should do this!) it was still a shock and quite upsetting.

So my plans to "write more posts in a couple of days" just did not happen, obviously, and I'm still processing things and having some pretty rough moments.

I don't really want to babble his private health information out so I'll just say it's good.  Could have been very bad.  Isn't. 

And now I have a lot of things to figure out how to deal with on top of the other things I was figuring out how to deal with but just so you know I'm sort of messy right now.  Like, kind of extra a mess.  You know?

But everyone's ok in that way where you put it in quotations.  We're "OK". 

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Have You?

You know that thing they do in the movies where they're having a nightmare and they sit BOLT UPRIGHT when waking up from said nightmare?  Have you ever actually done that?

What about demurely covering yourself with the sheet (that apparently has no comforter or blanket over it or isn't tucked in) to make your way sheepishly to the bedroom?

Ever woken up with perfect hair, smiling?  (That one might be a bit more normal for morning people...)

But really.. the nightmare one... ?

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Smiley Face

Yesterday marked my 100th day in a row of meditation.  I'm pretty proud of that!

I started in October as I saw a "one month challenge" and thought I could do that.  And then I was so pleased I managed to do that that I did the same thing the next month and the next and so here we are.

Yay me. :)

Monday, 7 January 2019

Oh Lawd!

That, up there (the title) is part of an internet joke that I happened to see. 

In utterly unrelated news, it's Sunday night as I type this and I've just come through my second panic attack of the day.  Needless to say my plans for writing have been put aside for now so instead I'll leave you with the weird news that apparently it's already a week into January?  And the good news that it was still light out at 4:45 or so yesterday afternoon (well, this afternoon as I type, but you get my point.)

So yes, longer days are already ever so slightly noticeable.  Phew.

Saturday, 5 January 2019


My body last week gave me a(nother) clear indicator that it is aging.

It was a pretty devastating and upsetting reminder and I had some serious cries over it but I am also going to do what I can to work with my body and change for the better what I can.

It's hard though.  And it makes me sad.  And while I don't think there's really any way to have "younger" people believe the whole "enjoy your body when it's young" thing..... I really wish I had.

Oh the things you don't realize you're taking for granted until something points it out to you, eh?

Friday, 4 January 2019


I was thinking of some friends I hadn't talked to in a while so sent a few texts the other day to say hi, all the while wondering if their number might have changed...

Then I took a scroll through my phone's contact list and found myself more than once having absolutely no idea who a person was.

Like, Ben?  Who is Ben?  How do I know Ben?  Or when did I know Ben?  I really can't think of anyone called Ben but at some point I put his number into my phone?

There was another name or two like that, while most I could associate with a person or something, there are some I just have no idea who they are, were, or anything at all.

Sorry Ben... I hope you're well? 

(Do I deleted the unknown numbers?  I guess?)

Thursday, 3 January 2019

So, Um

I got gum in my hair.

No, I'm not kidding.

To be honest, I'm not sure if I ever got gum in my hair as a kid but sure, maybe I did.  But never did I think I'd ever get gum in my hair as a grown adult!  Come on now!

I usually brush my hair at night before bed, but not always, but I do almost always brush my hair in the morning, or at least before going out, but it was holidays last week and I was feeling lazy so I just threw my hair into a ponytail and didn't even think of brushing it!

Then, I was watching a show with Jason and brushing my hair and... what... what?  WHAT IS STUCK IN MY HAIR OMG IT IS GUM?  GUM????

Jason kindly offered to cut it out for me and although his glee was daunting, I know he's a decent hair cutter type person (plus he raised kids) and I wasn't in any mood to google "how to get gum out of hair without cutting it" so I just rescued as much hair as I could and let him cut out the rest (and a couple of innocent inches, bah!)

And then I set to figuring out how on earth I'd gotten gum in my hair!

And here's what I figure happened....

I chew gum at night before I brush my teeth.  I do this while on my couch, usually watching a show on my laptop.  So... lying comfortably, chilling out. 

I don't chew the gum for long, just kind of as a "get anything big out of my teeth" sort of thing.  It's maybe not helpful at all but I still do it, is a habit by now.  So I remember chewing it and having already recycled the little paper wrapping, I had nowhere to put the gum so I put it on the rim of my water bottle to "throw out next time I get up".

I generally drink less at night so didn't think much of it, but what I think must have happened is that I grabbed some water, without thinking about it and was watching whatever (probably House of Cards, I just re watched it all before watching the final season) and didn't notice the gum, which then fell into my hair and got lodged there since... well, that was one of the nights I guess I didn't brush my hair before bed.  Bah!

So... moral of the story is either don't drink water... or more likely, don't put your gum in places you forget about it!

But yeah... getting gum in your hair.. not just for kids anymore!

Wednesday, 2 January 2019


I stopped going out for New Years a while ago and have enjoyed a quiet night, usually to myself for a number of years.

This year, I chose to stay home, with my own thoughts, and actually found myself quite drained and exhausted.  So I cleaned my house up (as per tradition) and left the windows open for the fresh new year's air and I went to bed a few hours before midnight.

I read for a bit, and then fell asleep, even though a few days earlier I'd said to a practitioner that "the sound of downtown celebrating always wakes me up".

Not that I've fallen asleep that many times before midnight on New Year's Eve, but I'd apparently done it at least once before.  Which means Monday night shouldn't have been a huge surprise.  But it still kind of was!

I did think about putting earplugs in but I also thought it would be nice to be woken up by the bells and whatever else.

Except I guess I forgot that the bells go on for quite a while.  As in, when I'd been lying there for a while, listening to them and some firecracker/works, I finally looked at the clock and it was only 11:38.  So I lay in bed not really awake, but certainly not asleep kind of half trying to sleep but wanting to be awake for the new year and then things got a little quiet and then the actual celebrating happened.  The bells seemed louder and there was shouting and firecracking/workings and I got up, super dazed and said a hello to the New Year.  I opened my door to let the air in/out.  I closed up a window so it wouldn't be freezing in the morning, and then I went back to bed.

It was a strange evening, a rather melancholy one and I wasn't terribly well rested on New Year's Day but here we are, in a new year, with new numbers to remember to write down and a new calendar to flip through.

Life is funny, "time" is weird.  I'm happy to not be recovering from a wild night out in my first few days of 2019.  Happy New Year, guys.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year

May 2019 bring you more health, more happiness, and more love.

All the best my friends! 

Sunday, 23 December 2018

See You In A Few!

I think I'm going to give myself a little holiday, so have a good (insert amount of time) until I see you again and all the best if this is a busy week for you!

Friday, 21 December 2018


Happy Solstice guys!

Now we start edging towards longer days!  (Sorry other hemisphere!)

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Just Saying!

I'm not really sure I'm near wanting to date right now, or to go through the whole "find a relationship" thing, but I'm sort of vaguely not horrified by the idea anymore, so.. yay?

I bring this up because it came up in conversation the other day with a friend and they got all excited because they thought of their cool, attractive, nice, interesting friend and they were SO excited to show me a picture of him because they were sure I would find him handsome too (and they assured me he's a great guy) so we went over to a computer and they brought up this guy's facebook profile and I started laughing as my friend looked at this guy's photo of him and his wife and two kids!

"Oh," said my friend, "I guess he and I haven't talked in a while... sorry?"

So yeah... if you're wanting to get your single friend to consider maybe thinking about dating a friend of yours, you might want to make sure said person is actually single first. 
Please don't steal stuff from here, it's not nice. But leave a comment, why don't cha? And drink more water. It's good for you.

P.S. If you think you know me? You probably don't. If you're sure you know me? Pretend you don't. I'll never admit I know what you're talking about anyway.

P.P.S. All this stuff is copyright from then til now (Like, 2006-2019 and then some.) Kay? Kay.