Friday, 12 June 2009


I've been spending a fair amount of time this week sitting on a tennis ball.

No, I'm serious.

See, my recovery from the car accident is going pretty well, but I do have some spots that are still hurting.

And the funny/cool thing about the body is that sometimes if one spot is out of alignment (or whatever) the body will try to compensate and you'll end up with pain somewhere else. Or muscle tension or tightness somewhere else.

Which, I have.

I was saying to my physiotherapist (oh, ok, one of my physiotherapists) that when I have to sit for a long time (ie. more than 15 minutes or so) things really start to hurt in my, um, buttock and that one of the things I've been doing is folding up jackets or things to sit on because even though that hurts, it's kind of like getting a little physio stretchy-type thing as I sit there and that ends up feeling better. I jokingly said "I feel like I should carry around a tennis ball to sit on when things start to hurt!"

"That's a great idea." he said, "Go for it."

So, I bought a sleeve (is it called a sleeve?) of tennis balls on my way home.

It may not feel great at the time, but I can sure as heck feel the improvement it's making in the long run.

Yay for what I thought was a wacky idea that actually turned out to be smart.


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