Friday, 17 May 2019


I just discovered that an old (as in former, not as in elderly) co-worker of mine got married!  I have no idea when, but it's one of those people who had seemingly given up and resigned themselves to being single and now... yay!  HAPPY!

I'm so happy for them.  Yay for love and friendship and all those good things.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

I Forget

I'm getting my eyes dilated today for the (I forget) test that you get with your (should be) regular eye exams.

I can't remember the last time I had it done, although I'm sure I did... maybe this is the one where I remember my eyes leaking orange tears?

Anyway, they reminded me I can't drive after, which makes me wonder who I asked to help me last time or what?!

I totally forget, but I'm sure it'll be all over before I know it.

Updated to add:  Ok, so things are a little blurry but I'm actually pretty used to that cuz I don't wear my glasses much and on days when I'm run down or under the weather, things get blurry.  But the brightness of that ball in the sky is BRIGHT and so that's the most "difficult" part.  As in, I'm inside right now, blinds down and sunglasses on.  I'm soooooooo cool man!

Wednesday, 15 May 2019


So, if we're assuming that missing socks get lost in the wash/dry cycle... where are we assuming missing tupperware (or whatever) lids go?

Because I suddenly have three little containers with no lids.  WHERE DID THEY GO????

Tuesday, 14 May 2019


I do not want to think about where the giant ant came from or why it was on my pillow, NOPE!  I DO NOT!

Monday, 13 May 2019


Well, I think we've broken this current heat wave thingy... rain in the forecast, which I'm happy to have... the less likely we are to have a raging fire season, the happier I am.

Although there was an evacuation already in our province this week due to a fire.... sigh.


I know this weekend isn't always the easiest of weekends (it being Mother's Day here) so if it was a rough one for you for any reason, big hugs.

I gimped up my hip so took a rest day on Sunday and am feeling like it's on the mend, yay!

These are the fascinating ruminations of little old me, you're welcome!  (Please note, fascinating is totally in quotation marks here!)

Friday, 10 May 2019

Not Brr

It's still warm around these here parts and it reminded me of something I know I'm not alone on... or at least I'm pretty sure!

At night, even if it's totally toasty (which it is right now), I still have to have something over me!

It's like I can't fall asleep without at least a sheet over me, although I really don't know why.

(I do seem to "wake" half up at some point in the night to pull up more blankets but that's ok)

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

It's Here

Well, this weekend was the first time my apartment got warm.  As in, I ended up putting my blinds on my windows down for a few hours in the afternoon.  And I took off my top quilt. 

And then this weekend stayed warm.  Yesterday, I didn't even close my windows at night, it didn't cool down enough for that.  So I guess I'll say Spring/Summer is here?

It's hard to know these days when a season shifts as it's all a lot mushier than it used to be, but yeah, my blinds are down and my windows open and I guess the warmer weather is here now.  (For now?)

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

White Whale

Do any of you have a "white whale" of a book (or movie?)

As in, something that you can't quite figure out.... or get to...

Like, there was this book I read when I was young.  I really enjoyed it (as far as I can remember) and would love to read it again.

(Actually, as I type this I feel like I may have written about this here before but I shall proceed!)

The problem is that I don't remember enough about the book to find it again to re-read.  All I remember (and this is from when I was like 10 or something so the memory may not even be all that accurate!) is that the protagonist (girl) had to (?) to go a farm/ranch (?) and there were horses.  And, you know, HORSES!  (I loved horse books, as many do.)

I seem to remember there being forests involved or dark trees or something but my mind tells me something about flying over a farm house and the horse pen area and something something uncle maybe?  I dunno, I just wish I had any sort of solid information to go on to find this book (that maybe isn't all that great but in my mind it was!)

So... do you have something like that that you don't have enough info to quite figure out?

Monday, 6 May 2019

My Odd Little Brain

My half awake morning brain (as in my brain when I'm still sleeping but not in a deep sleep before I wake up) has been thinking some funny things lately.

Like, the other day, it came up with "zombie acne" as the most frightening thing.  Like... zombies with zits?  It was so scary at the time that I had to wake myself up to get out of that terrifying thought.  (And then I woke up more and just kind of laughed because.. really?)

And then this morning two people in my dream were being SO rude to each other I just had to wake up.  And by "rude" I mean they were using language like "jerk" or "you're lame".... so, you know, not ACTUALLY all that rude.

I guess I have to hope that no zombies with pimples start to speak and tell me I am a jerk or I might just lose my mind, heh.

Friday, 3 May 2019

Tick Tock

And here we are in May.

Somehow.  Again.

Even though I keep thinking that "2019" is next year.  You know, not... now. 

I had a rough week this week.  Some financial stuff and some work stuff, which are two of my biggest anxiety producers (or triggers, but that term gets a bit over and incorrectly used methinks) and while I've done my best to calm myself it's been a really high anxiety week.  Which is hard for a whole number of reasons.

When I take some time to look objectively at how I'm handling things, I do think there is and has been improvement.  And I don't think I'm quite as hard on myself as I used to be.  Which... hot damn it was a lot.

As I type this out my thoughts slip towards the things I'm super worried and anxious about right now and I don't want to think about that, because it makes me feel awful and I would rather continue feeling relatively ok, so... away I go back into the other things and I send you off into the weekend with good, happy, calm thoughts.

Thursday, 2 May 2019


I know a lot of weird factoids I'm not sure why I know.

Like, I saw a cool vehicle the other day and my brain said "oh, that's a Ranchero."  It was, but why did I know that?  I mean, I like old cars, but.... that was weird. 

And I know the manager/coach of Liverpool (football team)'s name and I'm not sure why as I don't really follow all that closely.

And then at the same time I can't remember what day my friend said she was going away.  So like, you know.... Ranchero for the win?

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Oh Very Young

So many things I keep discovering as my body continues to get older every day.

Like... puffiness...

I watched a certain tv show this weekend and I cried a lot.  Like a LOT lot.  And although I'd stopped crying by the time I went to bed I was still puffy eyed a bit and a little sniffly.

But when I woke up the next morning, my eyes were still super puffy!  Like, they did not go down overnight!  PUFFY EYELIDS!

So even though I'd had a couple of hours of not lying down between my sobbing and my lying down to go to bed, my eyelids retained all that.. um... I'm not sure what... and then it didn't dissipate overnight.

Bodies... so fascinating.  And so many things I had no idea to be grateful for when I was younger.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Super Mild Though

I think after years of wondering, I'm going to admit that I think I get mild seasonal allergies.

I know a few people who get pretty nasty allergies so I know that's not what I'm dealing with and for the last few years I was like well, no way I'm reacting to Spring pollen, because so and so is practically dead and so and so can't stop sneezing and so and so looks miserable so I'm probably just fighting off a cold or something.  No biggie.

But the last few years around this time of year, I've noticed that I get kind of a drippy nose.  Not terribly so, but I'm all sniffly.  I figured it was the change of temperature (it'll be warm outside and then cold inside, or it'll rain but I'll be walking so warm, etc.) or something.  And I'd have the occasional sneeze, no big deal.  But then the last year or two, I started getting a cough.  No feeling of being sick with it, no irritation, just a cough.  Just from time to time... hmmm... Then this year I've had some other symptoms that amount to "my mucus membranes are all annoyed, like seriously" and I thought to myself, well maybe it is kind of light a light allergy maybe?

I took an antihistamine at my doctor's recommendation and a lot of things eased up.  I mean, they probably would anyway if it was a cold, but I'm still experimenting to see if it's worth combating an allergy I'm not sure I have.

It's going to sound weird, but I think it's affecting my esophageal lining and making it hard to breathe after eating... doesn't that sound weird?  But, seriously, I'll often eat something and then spend a good few minutes coughing (like a phlegm-y cough, not just a dry one) and the other day I went out for sushi and felt like I couldn't breathe after with the coughing, it was not a nice feeling.  I know this could be acid reflux, but I thought I'd take a look at the possibility of it being a pollen thing before I look into it being a "my entire digestive system is irritated" thing.... because we all know medicine is rarely just an isolated simple fix, eh!

Monday, 29 April 2019

Ten Kay

I was "woken up" yesterday by the cheering for the local 10K run.

I say "woken up" in quotes because it did wake me up but I dozed and half napped through it and before too long it was over and I'd missed it all.

I ran that race a few times, and I should probably put "run" in quotations as well and I think it's not just body discomfort and injuries that lead me to not keep doing it.

As far as I remember, last time I ran it, I was with C-Dawg and we'd both been doing running courses for a while so while we weren't anywhere near fast, we also weren't terribly slow.  And what we found was that in the time period we were (you line up according to your approximate finish time), for the first few kilometers of the race we were dodging people who were either walking or running slower than our pace.  And this, I discovered, is extra draining.  When I think on it, we probably added a lot of extra mileage in those first few K going around people rather than in a straight line.

I bonked pretty hard mid way through the race (a running term for hitting that wall of no longer having any energy) and the last half of it was super long and uncomfortable.

I'm not saying "I don't do the race anymore" for any big reason, it's more me recollecting my last time doing it.

Every time I did do the race, the people cheering and encouraging on the sides of the route always made me cry.  No, really.  I'd get all choked up and emotional at people out there cheering us all on.

This morning it was nice to wake up to those sounds, although it took me a minute to figure out why!  (Some weekends I can't remember in the mornings if it's a Saturday or a Sunday so I was a little confused.)

The other funny thing about that race is that the finishers are crossing the finish line before us slow folks are even at the 2K mark.  That always struck me as funny... I'd get to the 4K mark and be like "many thousands of people are already done!"

Friday, 26 April 2019

Tweee Twooo Wooo

A couple of weeks back I heard a robin sing somewhere past midnight.

Ok, that makes it sound like a bird was singing a song by that name.... I mean, birds don't usually make noise at night but this one was and it was after midnight!

I heard this bird again last night.  I wasn't having a good sleep so it was probably two or so in the morning and there was that robin singing.

I heard it off and on all morning and when I was home again I still heard it (I mean, I'm assuming it's the same bird!)

I googled and there's a suggestion that when birds sing at night it's because it's "too noisy" during the day for them... ugh.

So, yeah, I have a robin near me that is somehow disoriented and thinks the middle of the night is the time of day to flirt... or whatever.

Oh dear.
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