Friday, 31 July 2015


So C-Dawg done got married.  To a guy I swear she just met the other day.  Really.  Maybe?  Apparently not.  (Go figure.)

The entire thing was lovely and perfect and I didn't think I'd be all that emotional but when I saw her coming down the aisle (even though I'd spent all day with her and seen her in her dress all afternoon) I couldn't hold it back.  It was seeing how happy she looked and knowing how happy she is with her relationship and her now husband! 

The food was excellent, the venue was beautiful, the speeches were sweet (including mine, whew!) and everyone looked gorgeous/handsome.

I was nervous that morning, and super nervous about my speech and then nervous about the ceremony but I needn't have been.  Not long after the ceremony I crashed pretty hard.  I'm guessing it was all the adrenaline and excitement leaving my body, I could have gone to sleep before dinner even started!

It wasn't a late night, which worked for everyone and I got to take them to their honeymoon/night of wedding place after.

I then went straight home to wash off the makeup and eyelashes and to pull the 41 bobby pins out of my hair!  Forty one!  Wowza!

I couldn't fall asleep that night until past two, but was wide awake the next day at seven so it was a pretty slow day for me.

C-Dawg is happy, her hubby is happy, and I don't think any of us could have asked for a better experience.

I've laid super low this week, feeling pretty drained, but the long weekend approaches here and I'm hoping to have some nice outside times if I can find co-conspirators.

I also have to get myself back into my blogging habits as my brain seems to have forgotten how to make stories to share, but I also have a few weeks away coming up so August may be a bit sparse if I don't get my pre-written game going!

Hope all is well on your end and if you're in Canada you enjoy your August long weekend.  Oh, and the "blue moon" full moon tonight too.  Cool beans man.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


The wedding was wonderful.  Went off without a hitch.

Well, other than them getting hitched, of course!  (cue laugh track)

It was lovely and she looked gorgeous and he looked handsome and I held it together pretty well (with a few exceptions!)

I'm still exhausted.  Have been since the adrenaline wore off once the ceremony had finished and I knew I just had to make it to my speech and then I'd be done.  Whew.

I'll tell you all about it once my sleep has caught up and my brain has de-fuzzed.

But yeah.  Happy day.  Happy friend.  Happy.

Saturday, 25 July 2015


Sorry, wedding stuff on brain.  Giving myself a few days to focus, play nice, have a great weekend!  See you in a few.

Friday, 24 July 2015


C-Dawg's getting married this weekend and we had a girls' evening out earlier this week to celebrate.

At one point over dinner, the ladies started talking about their birth stories.  (One of the gals is a fairly new Mom and someone was asking her how it went and it all just snowballed from there.)

It's a strange experience, to sit at a table of people all around your age and to not be able to relate to something they all have in common.

It didn't upset me particularly, it was just weird.  Odd.

I felt somewhat similar when I was hanging out with Jason after work last week and his buddy came over and started talking cars.  I had absolutely nothing to add to the conversation and so didn't hang around.

But this time?  It wasn't just that I had nothing to add to the conversation it was that added piece of somehow feeling left out or different or not in on some "women of a certain age" secret club or something.

Or a not so secret club I guess.  But yeah.  That was a little bit of a mind bending moment.

I was the only woman there who has not given birth and is not raising a child or children.


Thursday, 23 July 2015

Just the Facts, Man

Because they amuse me, I thought I'd share with you the titles and maybe some of the content of some of the spam emails I get this week.  So.... drum roll please.... here are lines that someone, somewhere, thinks will attract the attention of some guy somewhere.

(I shall edit the naughtiest words to keep the strange google searches away!  And, yes, I opened these emails just for you.  Such is the depth of my commitment to your amusement and entertainment!)

Spam1:  Title:  Deep BJ request  Message highlight: "it was a pleasure sexting with you"  Awww, that's so sweet!

Spam 2:  Title:  My BF left, text me!  Message highlight:  BTW, don’t think that the girls you can socialize with via our system are hookers.  Oh, ok. 

Spam 3:  Title:  What's new?  I'm turned on wanna drop by?  Message highlight:  Same as above.  Booooring.

Spam 4:  Title:  Urgent InstaSex Notification. Message highlight:  Naughty b*tch needs to be accused in the a$$.  Accused?  In the bottom?  LOL.  And?  They supplied the dollar signs for the bum word.  Wouldn't want to offend anyone with their spam after all!

Spam 5:  Title:  greets (Yup, "greets"!) Message highlight:  I adore 2make out! lol "lol" indeed.  I adore 2make out too I guess?

Spam 6:  Title:  I'm going commando, wanna sleep over? (OMG me too!!!  Wait, you meant you sleep naked, yes?)  Message highlight:  Our dating service is operating to promote NSA sex.  Wow, NSA?  As in... National Security Agency sex?  Cool, I have no idea what that's is but good for you!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Because I can't remember if I've shared this before and because it's making me very happy right now.

Hi.  (I'm waving, hope you can see)


George Ezra - Budapest

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

It's The All Mosquito Station! All Mosquitoes All the Time!

*glares around the room*

They're finding me.  They're FINDING ME!

And, I am still super tasty.


The bite on my hand tells me so.  And the one on my back.  And the one on my face.  MY FACE!

I'm pretty sure there's one hiding in my bedroom.  Maybe even the same guy getting me over and over and over.  Some kind of mini vendetta.

Or, mini taste testing like a beer fest where you can go back to your favourite booth for more samples if you want.

*shakes fist at teeny tiny enemies*

Monday, 20 July 2015

Slipping, Slipping, Slipping

Realizing it's the twentieth of July makes me scratch my head somewhat.  But, I'm enjoying the summer days so not complaining that time keeps on moving forward. 

I had a busy weekend this weekend.  Assisted Jason on three different shoots, and managed to get through the return of the heat.

Did a lot of sorting and cleaning in my place too, which always feels good.  I have a hard time getting rid of t-shirts though.  It's not that I wear them, but so many of them have a sentimental attachment of some kind that I just can't seem to part with.  But... then they're taking up space in my not so large place and, well, if I'm not wearing them and not even looking at them... why keep them, eh?

I feel like I should go through some of the boxes I have stuffed in the back of my closet but I know I did that within the last year or so and there's probably not a whole lot more to do at this point.  Maybe before I move next time.  I mean, assuming I will.  (Odd thought, really.)

Sorting through some thoughts too, and hoping some better thought patterns can be learned.

Got frustratingly hooked on a tv show that I honestly don't really enjoy all that much but the drama keeps bringing me back.  Ugh. 

So, yeah.  Cleaning, heat, photo shoots, good/bad tv show.  Weekend. 

Happy Monday y'all.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Ask Yourself

How often do you have a conversation behind someone's back that you should be having with them.

And I'm not talking about the complaining, frustration type stuff, although that's a valid thing... say it to them or don't say it, kind of idea, I mean the positive stuff.

How many times do you talk about how awesome someone is.  How talented they are.  How much you enjoy their art/company/cooking/voice/service/friendship/whatever it happens to be?

And how often do you say that to the person?

Instead of telling someone about your friend Steve who makes the best apple pie you've ever tasted, have you actually told Steve he makes the best apple pie you've ever tasted?

Do you have a co-worker who has the best hair?  Does she know you think so?

Does it always make you smile when the barista remembers your name and can make you your order just the way you like it?  Have you told them they make your day?

I just... it's hard, sometimes, to give a compliment.  But man... how great would it be if we passed on what we love, admire and enjoy about each other TO each other?


Friday, 17 July 2015


Maybe sometimes I give certain people the benefit of the doubt too much.

Like, someone close to me said something that was hurtful.  And I told them so.  And they shrugged it off.... didn't apologize, or defend, it was just let go.

I mentioned what they'd said to someone else and they said it was very mean.

I mentioned it to someone else and they said it was a nasty thing to say.

So... am I being too forgiving?  Too kind?  Or am I seeing this person in a nicer light than they deserve?

Where they really trying to be mean and I just don't see it?

It matters because of who this person is to me and how often I leave their company feeling hurt and upset.

Do I see them in overly rose coloured spectacles?

Thursday, 16 July 2015


I am, as we know, overly sensitive to not wanting to upset people.  Often, especially strangers.  Which maybe makes it even weirder.  Or certainly more frustrating on my end... anyway...

I was buying groceries earlier this week and the person serving me was a young woman.  Early twenties maybe.  A bigger woman, with glasses and a ponytail.  And a name tag that said James.

And I wanted to ask her about her name.  Because James is a cool name for a girl and maybe there's a cool story about why she was given it.

But then I thought I shouldn't ask.  Because maybe she's in transition and James will be her name.  Or maybe... I don't know.  Maybe she would have thought I was incredibly rude to ask? 

Or, really, maybe she forgot her name tag and just grabbed a random one.  Or maybe her name just looks like James and is pronounced some other way or maybe I'd offend James by asking gender related questions.

Argh.  And ugh.  I just wanted to know what the deal was.  But I couldn't think of a way to ask that wouldn't potentially upset or make me seem rude.

It shouldn't be this complicated y'all.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


I'm having something shipped to me and I've been watching it on the tracking site.

Which, I'm now hoping is wrong. 

Because the parcel started in Ontario, and then a few days later was processed in Richmond, BC, and now?  Is back in another part of Ontario.

Which... uh... what?

I really hope the poor thing hasn't gone cross country and back.  Because then it'll have to come back across the country to get to me!

Le sigh.

Come home soon little guy... come home soon!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Doctor

I sometimes wonder how people figured things out.

Like, cranberries.

Cranberries, apparently, are collected or harvested or whatever by, like, floating.

Like the cranberry plants on the cranberry farm will be planted in an area that will have raised sides and then they flood it and the berries float and are scooped up.

Who figured that out?  And how?  Why?  And did they try it with other things? 

Man... so many weird things I just want to have been there when they figured it out.

So I guess I want to time travel just for a bit of a time and then pop back out so I can be like, oh, it was Steve in Luxembourg.

Or whatever.

Probably not a Steve.  But you know what I mean, right?  So weird.

Monday, 13 July 2015

I Shake My Fist At You!

We had a bit of rain this weekend, which we need, water wise, and the province needs, fire fighting wise.  So I'm happy for that.

But the mosquitoes are also very happy.

And multiplied and are now everywhere and finding me terribly attractive.

I killed three while I was reading in bed last night.  Including the one that was rude enough to fly directly into my face!

And just as I was typing this, one flew by and tried to eat my arm and so I tried to kill it and it flew away but now my arm is sore because I basically punched myself in the arm.


Poopy skeeters, trying to make me their dinner.

Saturday, 11 July 2015


Happy weekend!  Let's have more of these ok?
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