Saturday, 3 July 2010


I'm starting the process of wondering if I might want a new camera.

I, by no means, need a new camera as mine takes lovely shots and I know it well and really really like it.

Which begs the question, why am I then thinking about a new one?

Well, I went to enlarge and print a few of my favourite photos including the one you see here. When I got the prints (8x10) this particular photo looked awful.

As in, threw it in the recycling bin right away awful. Which made me wonder why, because at this smaller size I think it looks great and figured it'd look even great-er bigger.

When I started looking into the whys of the not-so-greatness I realized that my now (erk) nearly 8 year old camera is, well, nearly 8 years old. And not in possession of a massive amount of megapixels. (To quote my friend's child "Most cell phones have more megapixels than that!")

Now, not that megapixels are the be-all end-all of good photos, but I am starting to wonder if I might not want to get a new/different/better? camera.

I keep going back to the argument of the fact that I really don't need one. Mine is fine. (Heh. Rhyme. Time. Sublime.) But what if I *do* want to start getting into printing my photos, to give them as gifts or turn into cards or possibly sell or show or other things that make me cringe and scared? If I do want to do those things I maybe need to look at the fact that digital cameras have changed in the past 10 years and that maybe it's time I go back to an SLR and see.

Right now, thinking about it too much makes my brain go wobbly, but it's at least a thought. I'm thinking. Slowly.


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