Monday, 25 October 2010

I'll Stop Soon, I Promise*

We were expecting our first storm of the season here this weekend, and for nearly two days straight we had the glaring red "Wind Warning!" at the top of the weather page and forecast.

Wind warning around here usually means branches down and power outages around some of the outlying communities and it usually means a night of windows rattling and being woken up by the howling, pushing, powerful wind.

All Friday evening and all Saturday day and evening things were odd, but not odd enough for the storm apparently. Some wind blew through Saturday night and Sunday morning we woke up to bigger leaf piles, but not really a wind warning aftermath.

I know, it's Hello, and welcome to Victoria's Weather Blog! around here these days but I can't help it, it's just all so... odd. Different.

I grew up on this coast and I've been in this town more than ten years and I know how it breathes and changes and I feel like I know the seasons and the weather really well. Or, at least pretty well. And this fall has been different.

It almost makes me nervous, but they're saying we have a week's worth of rain coming our way and if that happens, well, it'll feel like things are back to normal.

Just in time for Christmas.

What? They already have the stuff in the stores. What do you mean it's not even Halloween yet? THAT'S NOT WHAT THE STORES SAY!




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