Friday, 22 July 2011


I'm so happy to say that a month after coming back from my Dad's surgery he's starting to get better.

And I'm equally happy to say that I'm feeling a lot better too.

Which is highlighted by the fact that I can even think about the following silly things. I'm so happy to be back to thinking about silly things, I really am, I can't tell you.

So here you go... silly television related thoughts.

-I still adore Cat Deeley, really truly in all ways.

-Everyone on True Blood is really really good looking.

-And I love forgot-ted Eric. I knew I would because I've read all the books and liked them together better than Sookie and Bill, but still, I really really like him. Doesn't hurt that he's so super hunky.

-I'm not really sure why everyone was so mad at the finale of The Killing. Although maybe it didn't bother me because I watched it over a week's span and already knew the ending was "different"

-I'm really really glad I ended up watching Game of Thrones. Really.

-Everyone on True Blood is really really good looking.

(What? I'm not allowed to repeat myself? It's very true!)


Blogger Happydog said...

So glad to hear your Dad is doing well. Parental issues are a bitch. I love that you love TV shows! I just don't trust those hipsters that say "Me? Oh I never watch TV." and then seem to have an opinion about every dancer on SYTYCD.
CAT! OMG I love her, though what do you think about her wardrobe--it does seem better then last year but really do they just give her the dresses the dancers can't wear?
I must admit I was a bit annoyed with the ending of "The KIlling" if only because it was originally promoted as a one season show and all the lose ends would therefore be tied up and then when they were given another season it became like every other regular show with a cliff hanger ending to bring us back to next year. I did enjoy it even though there were some uneven weeks.
And, though you may not remember (or care for that matter) but my husband and are have sold my parents house in Edmonton and are moving back to Vancouver next month! I'm so glad and excited to be coming back to BC....
Sorry this has somehow turned into an email instead of a comment.
Pamela aka Happydog

Friday, July 22, 2011 10:48:00 am  
Blogger Victoria said...

Thanks HD,
Well I DO watch tv, probably too much of it, but whenever I feel like being a hipster, I just tell people I don't have cable...which I don't! ;)
I'm not always 100% with Cat's hair/dresses but I don't care because she's so so so so adorable!
I think I benefit from watching so many shows once they're done because I don't notice an uneven week because I'm just watching the next episode right away!
Happy to hear you're heading back to BC. Welcome home!

Friday, July 22, 2011 4:22:00 pm  

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