Thursday, 10 November 2011

Like A Deer

On My Way Home by foundimagination
So a few of us decided to go out for a drink after work on Friday and since the pub we decided to go to is near where I'm staying right now, I had someone follow me to my parents' place and drive me to the pub so I could have a couple of drinks and not have to drive home.

It was a good, relaxing time (the three Cosmos helped!) and by the time we were heading back, it had turned chilly, although thankfully not dark. (Boo for turning the clocks back, boo!)

As I headed up the last stretch towards my parents' place, I realized I could not, in fact, get in.

My folks live in a place that has a gate you have to drive through (and no, it's not a "gated community", I've seen The Real Housewives, we don't got that kinds of moneys) and I'd conveniently left my gate card in my car.

Safely locked in the garage.

My parents, of course, had gone out for dinner, so even though I was hopeful when I buzzed them, I knew they probably weren't going to answer.

At this point, I could have stood outside the gate and waited for someone to drive in, but that seemed creepy, and, well, it was pretty darn cold.

Plus, I wasn't entirely exactly sober, (I wasn't drunk mind you, just happily tipsy) and waiting didn't seem like a good idea.

Now, trying to find the way the deer get into their place?

Seemed like a really good idea.

Which explains why I texted C-Dawg at 6pm on Friday night explaining that I was "bush-wacking" my way through the forest "in an attempt to get home."

Apparently she laughed a lot.

But, after I discovered that my bush-wacking instincts were solid and led to a genuine path (that maybe I could have discovered if I'd walked twenty more paces up the road instead of just blithely heading into the bush) that led into the place where my parents live (and remind me to point out to the people who run this place that if *I* can get in, a burglar certainly could, well, maybe not, I am a spy after all...) and I waltzed past the "No Tresspassing" sign and made my way home.

And we all lived happily ever after.

And I was rather proud of myself.

I'm the smartest tipsy girl I know!


Just Sayin... said...

lol been there. love it.

Jonathan said...

You rule. Back when I was single, and had disposable income, I remember being damn good at getting home without losing anything.

I would wake up with a hangover, and have a panic - "where's my wallet, keys, etc" ? - and there they would be, neatly folded next to the bed...

Victoria said...

Indeedily JS ;)

Oh man Jonathan, I wasn't so lucky on my 19th birthday and lost my keys and ID...d'oh!