Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Giggle Inducing

Elephant Nose Face! by foundimagination
One of the guys I was recently interested in on the dating site was a firefighter.

I know enough people who've dated/been married to/been friends with firefighters that they're on my "thanks, but no thanks list".

But I'm trying to be more open, and less.... judgmental with the dating site guys, so I messaged this guy back.

Meanwhile, I tried to convince myself that it was a good idea to try dating a firefighter, so I talked to my one girlfriend who dated a fireman long term to see her point of view.

She said that maybe, yes, there were more guys in that job who were unfaithful, but that didn't mean they all were. Maybe it just attracted men of a certain personality who were more likely to cheat, but that there were definitely good guys who were firefighters and that her ex had been one.

And then I called C-Dawg, because she's a huge fan of firefighters for their general hotness and hunkiness.

"Should I go on a date with a firefighter?"

"Heck yes."

"But why?"

"Dude. Think about it. He's strong. And brave. And you've already shown me his picture, so you know he's good looking. He's probably strong enough to pick you up and carry you to bed you know. And he'll keep fit, so he's, you know, probably got a good body too."

At which point I got all giggly imagining a very hunky guy lifting me up in his manly arms and carrying me to bed where I could admire his muscle-y chest and . . . yeah.

I think it's the first time I've really understood why some women get all giggly over firemen.

But, not to worry. Firefighter guy joined the ranks of online dating men who disappeared off the face of the internet, so I don't have to worry about any future infidelities or freak outs about whether or not he was going to die at his job that day.

It's all good.


Just Sayin... said...

Ask him about the Kitty Lines.
They are the back door phone numbers to the fire houses.

Kind of falls into the bad name they get for themselves etc.. Kitty Line = Pussy line. It's suppose to be there for the g/f's and wives to call etc, but those few bad ones ruin it.

Open any phone book, look up the kitty lines and call a few from a blocked number. lol

"got all giggly imagining a very hunky guy lifting me up in his manly arms and carrying me to bed where I could admire his muscle-y chest and . . . yeah". This made me laugh!!!

Jane said...

There's definitely something about a fire fighter (And one disappeared on me, too! lol) I think it's about the image of them coming to our rescue whatever the circumstance.

Your post reminded me of my single days when I worked around fire fighter recruits - most of them single. (I used to work at the Fire Academy in Vancouver - great place for a single gal ;-))

I realized that they're just like any other type of guy - some were awesome, some had big egos, and some were even a little shy. And in reality, most of them didn't fit the classic stereotype. Some of the older ones were the nicest men I've ever met.

Great blog - looking forward to reading more! :-)

Dateafrenchman said...

I have a friend who was married to a firefighter. They had 2 kids together. One of them wasn't even 1 years old when she found out her husband had been having an affair for the last 2 years.
Pretty miserable stuff.

Victoria said...

That's just.... um... yeah JS.... (I'm shaking my head right now, you just can't see it) Glad I gave you a smile though ;)

Maybe it is a rescue thing Jane :) And yeah, they're probably all a mix of guys too. Glad you like the blog! :D

I keep hearing stories like that, unfortunately Date A...