Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Little Slice Of Heaven

I miss my parents' shower.


Their ensuite bathroom is the most heavenly bathroom I've ever seen and I miss their shower.

See, when my parents moved into their place, they completely reno-d their kitchen and their ensuite bathroom, and pretty much left the rest of the house alone, other than a new coat of paint or two.

Their bathroom is clean and simple, a design aesthetic I share with my parents, but that's not what makes it awesome. What makes it awesome is the heated tiles (to die for) and the shower.

The walk in, have a seat at the end if you want to, or if not, choose the regular shower head or the (wait for it) magical, delicious, rain shower head.

Now, I didn't start out using my parents' bathroom for showering, but my Mom insisted.

No, really, she said, you'll love it, please use it. It's our favourite thing, you need to see how wonderful it is!

And so, after a couple of weeks, just to stop them from asking if I'd tried it, I tried it.

And it was awesome.

I'm not sure what I loved more. The heated tiles, or the massive shower.

Or maybe it was the magical combination of them both.

But whatever it was, I miss my parents' shower.

This one here just isn't cutting it.

I miss my little slice of watery heaven.

*dreamy sigh*


Jonathan said...

One of the weird things I miss about working from hotels so often recently is the hotel bathrooms. Power showers with rain storm heads rule...

Dateafrenchman said...

Wow, I dream of a shower like that. Instead I have a shower curtain that sticks to my legs. Hate. It.

J said...

-Hey listen, did I tell you about the snow...? Not so watery, yet beautiful...serene when snow entirely covers a field...the sun glistening on it with sparkling light, you'd think it was put there from heaven itself.... "Snow showers and heavenly lift your soul... when you see it."

Victoria said...

They so do Jonathan!

Oh, that used to drive me nuts too Datea.... ugh.

You did J, thanks.

Just Sayin... said...

I've been in one of these showers. Once. Reading this, I just had a little orgasm. True Story.

Victoria said...