Monday, 9 January 2012

There's Hope For Me Yet

Glow Through by foundimagination
There's a lady I work with I really like. She's mellow, she's a good spy, she's happy and friendly and she always listens when I need to talk.

She's somehow very comforting and although she only works two days a week, I always look forward to those two days if only to see her and say hi.

This lady becomes relevant to this blog because I've sat with her a few times over the last couple of years and talked about wanting to be in a relationship, or wondering if I'll ever be in a relationship again, or worrying about some aspect of being my age and single.

A week or so before Christmas, she pulled me into her space.

"Victoria?" she said, "My hubby has found a guy he thinks you might get along with."

Turns out that when I'd half-jokingly told her to get her husband to find me a man through his work, she'd told him to do just that.

"They've been working together since September, so he knows this fellow well enough now to approve of him. And I'm going to meet him at hubby's staff party this Friday, so I'll put a seal of approval on him if he's good enough to get to meet you."

I was flattered, and amused. And pleased.

And, sure enough, she came back the next week with positive news. The fellow had passed her inspection.

"He's nice. And attractive. I like him. He's a good guy."

She told me a bit about his family background and his upbringing, including the three languages he speaks (cool!) and asked what I thought.

I told her he sounded like someone I'd like to meet and that, of course, I trusted her judgment.

It's funny, because in the time I've been online, I've never been quite as hopeful about a guy's potential as I am with this one.

Even without knowing if he is, indeed, single, or wanting to date, the fact that someone who knows me (I've met her husband, so he knows me a bit too) and knows this guy thinks we might get along gives me hope.

There's so much to be said for this kind of "matchmaking."

Another of my favourite people at work met her current husband because mutual friends thought the two of them would get along and set up a barbeque so they could meet.

And one of my dearest friend's parents met at a dinner party that was put on for the sole purpose of their friends introducing the two of them. (And, I like to add, this was in the 60s, and both of them were in their mid-30s. Very "late" to be unmarried at that time. And they're still happily married now. With a lovely collection of grandchildren.)

Of course I'm trying to remain neutral. Calm. We may not ever meet. Or we might meet and just not feel anything worth pursuing. It's just nice to know there are still people out there looking out for me. It's just nice to know I might still meet someone. The natural way.


Jonathan said...

The real world wins again (or at least provides the potential for the win to happen before you shout at me) :)

Stephanie Hunter said...

On the radio last week, they said 2011 was the year of the breakups, but 2012 was the Year of Love. I think this is our year!!! <3 =)

Anonymous said...

That's how I met my husband...will be 2 years on Thursday

Dateafrenchman said...

So when you meeting? I need to know!

Kate said...

A year ago a friend said to me "You should meet my housemate - he's super cute and I think you would hit it off". I was dubious even though I was having no luck with online dating. Set ups had always sounded like the pits... Fast forward to New Years Eve (after numerous platonic but oh-so-wonderful dates).. We kissed... And he's gorgeous. Nothing beats real life. Ever. GO FOR IT! x

Victoria said...

The potential Jonathan...yes! ;)

Works for me Steph!

Awwww, congrats Anon! :)

Nothing yet Datea...will let you know if/when ;)

Awww, that's awesome Kate, Yay!