Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I forgot to tell you the other hilarious story from the gym the other day!

So, there I am, leaving post yoga class, feeling proud of myself and collecting my things from the change room.

There's a conversation going on in one half of the change room when something starts buzzing.

It sounds, at first, like someone's cell phone going off on silent mode, but it keeps on buzzing.

Quite loudly.

And the two women who are having the conversation notice it and wonder what is is that's making that noise in someone's bag.

"It's really intense" says one woman, which makes me giggle, because my mind has already figured out that it's *not* a cell phone and I can really only think of one other thing it could be, and I don't want to assume someone would have *that* in their gym bag.

"OH!" says the woman, going through her backpack, "it's me!"

"It's my electric toothbrush, it must have gone off!" she explains, and the entire locker room cracks up in laughter, the woman a few lockers down from me shrugging and raising her eyebrows in an amused kind of way.

Turns out, I wasn't the only one there whose mind had already decided someone's ahem, cough, cough, had been accidentally turned on in their gym bag.

Good thing she let us know it was just her toothbrush. Scandal averted, hilarity ensued.


Dominic said...

She was probably lying ;)

Dateafrenchman said...

Yeah, did you actually see the toothbrush?

Allan R E said...

When ever I have shared a double hotel room with another couple (usually my then girlfriends would not even know what I was going to do). I would sneak the electric toothbrush to bed. As soon as we'd all said our polite 'good nites" and shut the lights, I would fire up the the toothbrush!!

It was always good for a shock and then histerical laughter. Everytime I've done it, there was never a doubt about what folks thought it was!! LOL


Victoria said...

Could have been Dominic!

I did not see it Datea! heh

Oh Allan! LOL

TheGirlWhoWillForeverRemainAnonymousAfterThatConfession said...

Although... an electric toothbrush could be used for... erm... *cough cough*

Don't blame me, blame The Big Bang Theory:


Victoria said...

Best! Nickname! EVER! lol

Just a Girl said...

It's true. I know a girl who lives in my building who used her electric toothbrush until I finally dragged her to secret pleasures for an upgrade. Especially if it was as "Intense" as it sounded. Lol

Victoria said...

Oh no! lol