Tuesday, 14 February 2012


When Does The Recognizable Become Unrecognizable? by foundimagination
I was just going to skim right over the fact that today's a Valentine's Day. I feel like I summed up my V-Day thoughts pretty well last year, and this year I'd say the only difference is that maybe I'm even less bothered by things.

I've sent out cards to some friends and family, and I don't expect any to come in the mail today, although it would certainly make me smile if one or two did.

I've bought a couple of cute, small treats for some people at work and will look forward to passing those on.

Sure, if I'd met someone a month or two ago, I'd be hoping for roses or something, but I didn't, so I won't. I've learned that once you're out of high school, there really aren't secret admirers just lurking in the background any more.

So, yeah. Happy Valentine's Day or non Valentine's Day or chocolate day or fancy dinner day or "This is Too Commercial" day or whatever.

And, most of all, happy Tuesday, and you never know, maybe there is a little cupid hovering over you, just waiting to shoot an arrow through your heart.


e said...

I had a really terrible Valentine's Day.

I am in the middle of the worst week of exams, and I have worked myself into a viscious cycle of caffeine - anxiety - low productivity - insomnia - fatigue - caffeine.

I was having a bit of a panic attack at school (too much coffee) so I came home to "relax" and study...only to find the parentals in the middle of a "heated discussion" - I then had to act as marriage counsellor for a few hours...

Now it is late and I am so behind in my studying...and panicking a bit...oh anxiety!!

I received a sweater I ordered online and it's too tight. I've been trying to lose the 5 lbs I've gained over Christmas for a month now...it's not working too well :(

And...now I am looking at pictures of all the cute things my friends' SO's did for them. I only have one single friend, and she's single because she's chosen to be celibate. LOL!

Oh well. At least it's February 15 now. Being fat, single, and stressed out is somehow worse when it also happens to be February 14.

Sorry for ranting on your comments page...your post cheered me up though! (both V day posts)

<3 e

Victoria said...

Oh e..... BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!

It won't always feel so icky.