Monday, 12 March 2012

Boing Boing*

I got all excited on Saturday when I remembered that this was the "Spring Forward" time change weekend. My evenings would start being even longer, with even more light than they've already gotten, hurrah!

But then my alarm went off Sunday morning (don't ask) and I remembered the down side to this time change... the mornings get darker again, and are suddenly much much earlier than they need to be.

Meaning, this morning, I'll have to be out of bed at what will feel like 6 instead of what should feel like 7.

I managed to get myself hungry in time for a pretty close to on time dinner Sunday night but then was still hungry for the rest of the evening so somehow that backfired on me.

But, yeah. Time change. I forgot this was the one where you lose an hour's sleep.

And I miss it already.

*It's the noise a spring makes, of course.


Just a Girl said...

Try explaining the time change to a pissed off three year old who is adamant that it is too early to get out of bed on Monday morning. Sigh.

Victoria said...

I really, seriously, have no idea how kids and therefore parents of kids handle this! SERIOUSLY!