Friday, 2 March 2012


Maybe it's just how life is, but over the last year, three separate blogs I've been reading for years have revealed that their marriage is ending.

It's a funny thing, to love a couple you don't even know, and to know that you don't really know their relationship but to still be saddened that it's over.

One of my fears as a child was that I would "grow up and marry someone who would divorce me." Really.

So I think reading stories of people who were married, and happily so, inspired me.

And hearing that they weren't so happily married underneath it all, is sad.

I know the balance of personal to blog is delicate and I know for myself, there's a lot that I keep private, but I often find myself looking back over these blogs' archives for hints of what was going wrong, where they were struggling.

I suppose it's hard to say you're not happy in your marriage in a public forum where everyone, including your spouse can read it and I suppose these women just wanted to keep things private until it was either fixed, or clearly un-fixable. I don't know.

It's just sad, no matter how it happened.

And it's an unusual experience to be sad for a stranger and for a relationship you admired and enjoyed from afar.

I wish good things didn't have to end.


Single and Picky said...

Not that I think you admired our relationship because we both didn't blog a lot about it - but I wanted you to know Chris (TOITB) and I still dearly love and support each other even though we did break up back in September due to schedule issue (being in grad school and dating a resident is no functional) and I'm so thankful to you because you were the facilitator to that. I agree I wish good things didn't have to end, and sometimes we let them go too quickly but there are still good things out there.

Victoria said...

Awww hugs...

Allan R E said...

You clearly have a great deal of compassion and romance in you...

Victoria said...

Thanks :)