Saturday, 24 March 2012

March Marched Quickly

Not Sure Who Was More Scared by foundimagination
Holy kaboley, how did it get to be the twenty fourth of March?

And, Happy Spring by the way, Northern Hemisphere goers.

This month has been an emotionally tough one for me and I'm noticing my stomach is giving me pain again for the first time in a long time so huh, let's put two and two together and come up with stress = bad, shall we?

I have this feeling that there's light at the end of the tunnel, that I'm turning a corner towards an easier time, and even if that's not true, it's a nice feeling to have. And I would tell you truly that I believe it's in no small part due to the work I did with the therapist during the most acute part of my Dad's illness. I knew it was the right thing to do, and I thank those of you on here who encouraged me to seek out help and support from a professional at that time.

As someone who's met with the gamut of "mental health professionals" from social worker to spiritual life coach to counsellor to psychologist to psychotherapist I can tell you that the money's worth it. (One of my best friends, when I was freshly broken hearted from my first relationship told me I should go see a counsellor. "I can't afford it." I told her. "It's an investment in yourself," she said. "The best one you'll ever make." Wise beyond her years, that one.)

This post really just started off about me being baffled at how quickly this month has gone and then noticing that it hasn't been the easiest one for me. I should probably stop talking now before I go on the massive tangent I can feel coming.

So, happy Spring, happy Saturday, have a good one.


Stacia said...

I'm so glad I connected with you again! I love my therapists, and decision for myself. Keep moving forward, and know that you are not the only one who has bad days and all of these wild and weird thoughts. It's an awesome thing to really dig deep and get to know yourself. Sucks at times, but worth it :) Have a fab weekend yourself!

Victoria said...

I just read that apparently March is one of the more difficult months for people... go figure!
Happy Saturday Stacia :)

Just a Girl said...

I love spring. It gives me hope :)

Victoria said...

It's a good one that's for sure!