Friday, 20 April 2012

A Bit of a Ramble

Buds by foundimagination
I'm still kind of waiting to catch up on my rest from this weekend.

I can't tell if that's a good thing because it's Friday and therefore the weekend and I can rest, or a bad thing because it's Friday and therefore the weekend and you'd think I'd be less tired a weekend after the tiring weekend.

But hey, they keep predicting rain and it's ended up being pretty much sunny with a few rainy sun showers (except for yesterday) and let's throw in a rainbow or two for good measure!

But it's possible I shouldn't have said that out loud in case it jinxes things so let's just pretend I never said anything ok?

Is it Friday yet? (Woah, did I seriously just type that?)

And I'm pretty sure this post isn't going to post when I schedule it to which means it won't show up until I get home from work and manually publish it even though it was set to publish first thing and so that means Friday will be over by the time this post gets out there so yay?


Likalia said...

Guess what?

Not only is it Friday, but the work day IS over and you can just relax now. :)

Victoria said...


Nithya said...

Speaking of rain, it drizzles almost every evening here! And rains heavily at times! And let me not forget how windy it gets. And strangely, that's not the season this place is supposed to follow at this time of the year. Usually, the temperature rises and the place boils by May and June. Though the days are still bad with the sun right over the head but somehow evenings become like rainy season!
Oh, did I tell you I love the rain :)

Happy Weekend! :)

Victoria said...

Strange weather this year, but yes, I quite like rain too :) Happy Weekend!

HappySingle said...

i like your blog, you're pretty funny :-)

Victoria said...

Thanks! :)