Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Spoiler Free

See Again by foundimagination
I saw The Hunger Games this weekend.  I'd wanted to see it opening weekend, but couldn't find anyone willing to brave the crowds with me.

And then I had a couple of busy weekends and so it wasn't until this weekend that I finally rounded up some people to go see it with me.

And I'm glad we went.

It's funny, I think both of them were a bit disappointed in one thing or another, but any disappointment I felt towards the film was a bit different.

I wish it had been longer.

Maybe I've been spoiled by HBO's wonderful adaptation of Game of Thrones, because I wanted everything to just go on and on.  And when I started thinking about it, I realized that I wanted an hour for each chapter.  I wanted each moment to have the rich detail it deserved.

Not that they didn't do a good job at adapting the book, but somehow everything they did just left me wanting more, it all seemed so short to me.

I was so involved in the book and I think, had they wanted to, they could have dived into the story and brought us along to the world in an even deeper way.

Which is perhaps a wonderful thing to wish - that the movie was even longer.

I enjoyed the movie and I think they did a good job.  Parts of it I thought were wonderful and I enjoyed the opening scenes very much.  And yes, I cried even though I knew what was coming.

I think LotR was the last time I was this happy with an adaptation of a precious book.  I was nervous they'd ruin it and they didn't and I'm happy they did a good job with this one too.


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