Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Caught In The Light by foundimagination
Yeah, so that cold kicked me in the butt.

And according to this blog, it was right around this time last year that I had my last cold (or certainly my last cold that was bad enough to write about) which I guess is a pretty good track record, but also makes me wonder if there's something I keep doing around this time of year to get myself sick.

I felt this one coming too. Had a long week, felt exhausted and just wanted to rest, but we had a staff social thing that I went to and verily did thereby enjoy a few beverages.

And as much as I like being just a little tipsy every now and then, I think it must just tip my body over the "strong immune system" scale to "now you're in for it." because I remember lying on the couch that Sunday evening wondering if I was hot because I was fighting something off or if it was because I was wearing flannel pjs in the second week of Spring.

And then I made the mistake of saying "oh, it must be the pjs, my immune system is SO AWESOME it's kept me from getting sick for, like, ever."

Duh duh duuuuuuuuuh.

I felt kind of sniffly Monday and by Tuesday I remember thinking "yeah, I think I have a cold." I had to take half of Wednesday off to have a filling repaired (grumble, grumble, it's the needle I hate the most, that sucker hurts and then it still hurts the next day) so I figured I'd just take the whole day and fill myself with cold meds (because I also didn't want to suffocate lying on the dentist chair.) But let's just say that by the time I got into work on Thursday I knew I'd made a big big mistake.

You know you're sick when your co-workers take one look at you and say (while backing away) "You should really go home."

So I did.

And I managed to use the last reserves of my energy to buy some food and that magic juice someone recommended to me last year and then I got really sick.

Like, not just the sniffles sick, but this cold is trying to kill me and I almost wish it would succeed kind of sick.

I did a pretty good job taking care of myself, drank lots of fluids, napped and rested, made myself eat well even though I wasn't hungry and (gasp) couldn't even stand the thought of chocolate! It was a bad one though, and I had a couple of nasty days.

I was really actually grateful that it was the long weekend so I didn't have to take any more days off of work and that people were understanding of me backing out of visits and events.

I looked almost as hideous as I felt, which could have been amusing and I read a book or two while I wasn't napping and I even got out in the fresh air for a walk one sunny day, but thankfully, I hit a Neo Citran Saturday night and that seemed to just (sorry to be gross...) dry things up and when I woke up Sunday morning I remember thinking that I felt human again.

Like, a human with a cold, sure, but human. And I was really really grateful.

My Mom always says that an illness that comes on quickly (flu, food poisoning, the like) goes quickly, and the bad part of this cold stuck to that rule. And it was such a relief to feel "just" sick rather than horribly sick that I don't mind that I'm still not at my best.

The weirdest lingering part of this cold is the brain-slowness. Like, sure, I understand that I'm still a bit sniffly and that my throat and head are still a bit sore but I did not know that my entire brain was still going to be filled with cotton balls.

Like, why does walking and chewing gum have to be so complicated?

So I was feeling really really un-good, but now I'm just feeling a little bit not 100% and I'm promising myself to not mix tired and alcohol again especially next April. I'd like to break the April streak!

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