Friday, 13 April 2012


Easter by foundimagination
A couple of weeks ago, my Mom booked me in to come with my Dad and her for drinks with a former neighbour of theirs.

I know, it sounds kind of convoluted, it did to me too, but as it was over the long weekend, I said fine.

And then last week, as my cold was starting to set in, my Mom called and let me know that apparently this lady's current neighbour would be joining us, and her son, who was visiting from a province far far away.

"So only dress as cute as you want to for someone who's visiting from Ontario" she said.

*sigh* (a sigh only the single daughters can understand)

So on Sunday, my cold and I went over to this lady's house, not really knowing why I was there other than to be polite and because I'd been asked.

And you guys? I had a blast.

My parents are super bright, witty people with strong personalities and I got to see my parents get teased and I roared with laughter every time it happened. It's such a rare sight for me to see my parents with their peers now that I'm an adult and I really enjoyed it. Plus these two ladies were hilarious and all in all I had a great time listening to the conversation.

And yes, the visiting son was nice and friendly and right around my age and if he lived in town I'd be happy to hang out with him again.

And that was nice. It was nice to meet a nice single guy my age, even if it didn't have the possibility of a romance. It made me feel normal again, somehow. Like a reminder that there are most certainly single guys out there and some good ones to boot.

So thank you, former neighbour of my parents, for the unexpectedly fun afternoon out.


Annie said...

It's so lovely to get a reminder there are some decent, single guys are out (hell, just single guys. Everyone is my life is coupled up). Sounds like a fun night.

Victoria said...

It was fun Annie, and yes, a great reminder! :)

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who has been in the dating market for awhile. She finely found someone after years of dating. There definitely are great guys out there but they are hard to find. They generally seem to show up when you least expect it.

Victoria said...

People keep saying that, but that just makes me always expect it! ;)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I am still hoping one day I meet someone who just seems to say the right things that resonate with me. That would be enough.

Victoria said...


Just a Girl said...

I call that a win. Meeting a nice guy, even one you don't end up dating, gives me hope for the world. And for my future. Because girl, some of the guys I date seriously do NOT. lol

Victoria said...

I guess you're right Candy! High five :)

Nithya said...

Oh, it's always nice to have a reminder. For some reason, nice single guys never let us lower our standards (the standards of the right guy), if you know what I mean :)

Victoria said...

I totally know what you mean :)