Saturday, 7 April 2012

Unrelated Thoughts

Sleepless by foundimagination
I've just spent the last ten minutes watching these two crows do this.... thing. One of them lands on a branch and then the other one comes and lands on it so the first guy has to go to a lower branch and then the other guy lands on it and they just kept doing it until the first guy took off. And all I want to know is why? Is this a dominance territory thing? Is it a Spring/mating thing? Is it a "I just don't like you" thing? Is it something even less human?

Happy Easter weekend guys. (I kind of forgot about it, probably because the candy and chocolate has been in the store for so long. Guess I'll have to say bye bye to Cadbury's creme eggs for another year.)

I really want a breakfasty breakfast. Wanted it for dinner last night too. But I only have eggs and bread in the house.

I want to meet Steve really really soon so we can go on a date to see Hunger Games.

I have new upstairs neighbours.

I already did my taxes. And got a refund.

I didn't do anything fun with it.

I was texting with my best friend from highschool when I told her I wanted breakfast for dinner. She told me she was making corn and fish sticks and rice for their dinner (she has two kids) and all I could think was "how the heck did we get grown up enough for her to be making dinner for her kids. Like a real adult."

I made sugar cookies this weekend. I don't own a mixer. I mixed by hand. Literally. I broke my wooden spoon, so I just dug right in there.

I think the icing is what makes them taste good.

You know how sometimes you hear a song and you like it but then months later it comes on just at the perfect time on the perfect day and it becomes your anthem and you fall madly in love with it like never before? This.

Hugs all round.


Nithya said...

Ohhh about growing up.. a friend from high school just got engaged and I was so SHOCKED!! So taken aback that I literally asked her not to get married!! And my other friends thought I was being so insensitive and mean!!!

But I was really surprised hearing that the news of her engagement and wedding. It seems like yesterday when we were in high school, wearing school uniforms and carrying school bags, doing homework!!! How could she get engaged!!!

But yes, tragically, we grow up. I am sure 'being adults' must have its own fun.

Victoria said...

I don't know how it goes so fast though!

Happydog said...

Yeah crows...what is it with them? I've seen the same behavior and I think it's some sort of mating thing because I've seen the crows in my neighbourhood with bits of grass and twigs. And it seems like a boy/girl type of thing they're doing.
Also I LOVE THIS SONG...even though I'm definately NOT young and I haven't had to carry or be carried home for quite some time. Mostly because we drink AT home.

Victoria said...

And that's the benefit of drinking at home! No one has to carry anyone anywhere! ;)

And now I'm going to hear a crow conversation in my head every time I see this... wanna be my girlfriend? No (flies away.) You sure you don't wanna be my girlfriend? Yes I'm sure (flies away.) But, are you sure you maybe don't just wanna be my girlfriend? OMG are you serious? No! (flies to a different tree.) etc.