Thursday, 28 June 2012

Clap, Clap!*

Ok, that's enough DD reminiscing/wallowing.

How about I tell you about the kind of crazy or maybe just creepy guy from the online dating site? Ok!

So, there's a feature on this particular site where you can look at someone's profile and say if you'd want to meet them or not.

The first time I used this feature, C-Dawg and I were a glass of wine and some bad tv into a late summer evening and I found it all very amusing.

Until I started getting emails the next day and was horrified to realize the people you said you'd "like to meet" were actually informed you'd like to meet them. EEEK!

But anyway, whenever I get a notification that someone would like to meet me, I check them out. You know, just in case they're awesome or something.

Well, the other day, I got a notification that someone called "CarpetMuncher" (I kid you not) wanted to meet me.

I clicked on his profile, and I'm honestly hoping it was a joke. Like, maybe his friends created the profile as a joke when they were drunk one night?

But... I kind of think the guy was serious.

I shall try to be delicate here, but his profile talked about how he wasn't interested in any crazy ladies, but then went on to talk about his skill in bed and how he would make said non-crazy ladies feel and act in bed. In quite...interesting language.

I guess, when I come across this kind of profile, I wonder what these guys are thinking. Because if it's not a joke/novelty account....who, exactly, is he planning on dating? (Because, I'm pretty sure there are sex only "dating" sites out there. And this isn't one of them! Plus, his profile said he was looking for dating. Yikes.)

*you know, when you do that thing, like clap, clap, chop, chop, let's move on, dust things off kind of thing*


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