Thursday, 26 July 2012


Early Morning Singing Song by foundimagination
This week I keep realizing how often I get stuck worrying about the future. Or even thinking about it.

Like, for example, I'm taking some holiday time at the end of August and I think I'll be heading over to one of the many beautiful islands we have here on the coast.

Already, I'm thinking about what to pack and if I have a sun hat that will work and the sunscreen I'll want to take and then I catch myself and I realize, dude. It's a month away. What's the point in doing all this worrying/planning/thinking (because it's not anything more than worrying about it, really) now?

There's a lot of people who talk about the importance of being "mindful" or "in the moment" and I really get that.

I just don't know why it's so hard for me to do.

Like, it's been gorgeous and sunny this week. Work's relatively mellow (knock on wood) right now and things are going well in a pretty general sense of everything. Why be worrying about a month away? Why even be worrying about a week away?

Sometimes I think that's why I don't like to commit to things. "Hey, Victoria, want to come over next weekend and play Monopoly?"

And then I just start thinking about all the reasons I might not want to next weekend or what else might happen between then and now and I worry about stupid things like, what if I don't get the dog piece or I can't remember where my friend lives and depending on what the future event is, I lose sleep over these things.

I just want my brain to shhhhhh.

It's annoying and doesn't make me relax. And I don't think it particularly helps, although my brain obviously thinks it does.

I mean, if only this were the single annoying thing my brain does... that'd be at least a bit better.

Oh well.

What does your brain do that you wish it would just stop doing?


Blogger Stephanie Hunter said...

I am the same. I'm good about worrying about things that may not (and usually don't) happen. However, I think planning for something like a little holiday is a good thing! Why not be excited about what you are going to do and what you'll wear! I know I'm a little goofy, but I do lists for things - like vacation- so I will know exactly what I want to take. Then as something pops into my head, I write it down...I usually end up with 10 lists, but at least I don't forget stuff...most of the time!

Thursday, July 26, 2012 10:42:00 am  
Blogger Victoria said...

I'm a total list maker too Stephanie! It helps calm the mind somehow, eh? :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012 5:23:00 pm  

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