Friday, 6 July 2012

To My Resident Manager Who Vacuums The Hallways

Dear Cliff,

I just want you to know something.

When you're vacuuming and I walk by the extra long extension cord that you have plugged into the second floor outlet and that is running allllllll the way down the hall and allllll the way down the stairs to the first floor where I just saw you?

I don't pull the plug.

And I mean I really don't pull it.

It's not like I just think to myself "man, I bet it would annoy him but also be funny if I pulled out the cord!" I actually WANT to do it and stop myself.

Like, I get a naughty/trickster laugh in the back of my head and have to stop myself from just sauntering down the second floor hallway and yanking the cord out of the wall.

So... you're welcome.

Just thought you should know I think you're awesome and so I don't pull out the cord even though I keep thinking it would be pretty darn hilarious (for me) and really really want to.

The end,


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