Monday, 3 September 2012

Happy Labour Day

I think every weekend should be a long weekend. But then I guess we'd all want extra extra long weekends?

Like, suddenly a four day weekend wouldn't be quite enough and, say, hey, why don't we all just get paid for the idea of working? I'd vote for that.

I would solemnly swear to get up five days a week (no, wait, four, this is my fantasty after all and I've already given us all three day weekends as a norm) and think about work.

I could even think about work a couple of times during the day if I had to.

I'd be willing to do that.

Yes, my time of from work has made me somewhat giddy.

Thus, returning to work may be rather more difficult than necessary.

The end.

And because I can't get through a Labour Day without singing this at least once, and it's therefore tradition, here you go. I forgot how much I loved these guys.

Labor Dabor - Homestarrunner


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