Friday, 28 September 2012



I was just having the sweetest moment in a dream and then my alarm went off and I couldn't finish the dream! Waaaaah!

It's the second time this month that I've had a sweet dream about making out with a guy. Like not "oooh, sexy sexy" making out, but "aww, we have that connection and it's sweet and I think we're going to kiss now! eeee!"

Both dreams I've been at a party, or at least a social gathering at someone's house. The last one, we were sitting around a table playing a board game or something (I don't know, it was a dream, details don't matter!) and I started speaking French because the good looking guy sitting behind me/next to me was a French speaker and was struggling with the conversation and he thought it was so amazing that I spoke French, he sat down next to me and started stroking my cheek and I was getting all giddy/happy and then I woke up.

This morning, it was another house party and I had a crush on one guy (I think I'd already met him or something) but as the evening (of the party) went on, I came to realize that he wasn't interested in me and was appearing to be interested with this other (much prettier) girl. So I pretended to like his friend so I'd stop feeling crappy about things but then his friend started making out with this other girl and I was crushed. And embarrassed, because the guy I liked kind of gave me a raised eyebrow look when it happened.

So (for whatever reason, again, see "details" above) I went into the kitchen of the house, which was empty (it must have been the end of the party or something) and opened the fridge and sat in front of it looking for something to eat or drink or something.

And as I was sitting there in the empty kitchen, just staring at the fridge, my guy came into the kitchen, sat down with me and held me. We then (in magical dream fashion) talked about how we actually did really like each other and just as we were about to make out in the sweetest, most romantic, awesomest, I'm tingling all over kind of way ?

My alarm went off.


And I snoozed it and desperately tried to get back to the sweetness, but no. It was gone.

So I didn't get to make out with either of those lovely guys who really liked me.

No sweet kisses for me.

Stupid alarm.

Ruins everything.


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