Wednesday, 7 November 2012

For Sure

Wide Open Spaces by foundimagination
This past month has been a gong show in ways I won't talk about here, and has resulted in me needing to really step up and out of my comfort zone in a big way.

I've had to be really strong and, to quote C-Dawg (who is very proud of me) put on my "big girl panties" to deal with all this.

Those big girl panties have gotten a lot of wear this last while and I'm proud of myself too for taking on the scary things I have and standing up to people and standing up for what's right.

It's been incredibly stressful, mind you, but I've done it nonetheless.

And this weekend, as I was recovering from what I hope is the biggest portion of what I had to do to end this awfulness please dear Lord please, I decided that my big girl panties are pink polka dotted.

Because they may be what I put on to be tough and grown up and serious, but that doesn't mean they're not cute and girly and fun too!


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