Saturday, 8 December 2012

Crazed Imagningings

How My Brain Feels Some Days by foundimagination
The weird thing about having this particular brand of cold is that you sound as bad as you feel so people are kind of more sympathetic than when you have that kind of cold that makes you feel poopy but sound like a regular human being.

But, that's not what this post was going to be about.  This post was going to be about something that I forgot in the time period it took me to choose the photo you see there on the right and upload it (or whatever) from flickr to blogger and now here I am with a brain that's trying to figure out what it is I was going to say.  Lemme see.

Oh, yeah, I remember.  (Thank goodness I'm not live blogging, or you would have fallen asleep at the actual amount of time it took me to remember)

When I first got slammed by this cold, I had myself a little nightcap of Neo Citran to see if I could knock some sense back into my body.  Or something.

It wasn't night time Neo or anything, so I wasn't feeling drowsy or sleepy, but I did hear someone in the hallway, meddling with my door and had the feeling they were just standing out in the hallway waiting.

I texted C-Dawg, cuz that's what one does when one is weirded out.  "I think there's someone standing in my hallway, I want to look but I don't want to look."

"Go to bed.  The Neo Citran's messing with your head."

"Oh.  Ok."

And I did.

But I still think there was someone standing outside my door at 9 something at night last weekend.

I just don't know why there would be.

Or why they wouldn't have knocked.

Or tried to break in.

Or something.

Updated Monday to add:  I'm feeling a lot better and noticed that the title of this post actually doesn't make sense as much as I'd thought.  I was going to change it but now think I'll leave it.  Shows how bleargh my brain was ;)


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