Wednesday, 26 December 2012

This Year

I took a different approach to the holidays this year. . . to Christmas.

I decided to not let myself get involved in the hype that so often just turns to stress around this time of year.

I stayed out of the malls and shopping centres, other than a wander around them with C-Dawg one early Saturday morning.

And I made very few plans.

I just kept things as simple and straightforward as possible, treating this month just like another month, but with a few extra days off.

I tried not to have any expectations about what those days would look/feel like, and tried not to forsee the stress or trials those days might have.

I'm still in the middle of those days, of course, but I've felt calmer going in than I can remember before.

I'm sure my current happily distracting romantic situation has helped greatly in my ability to remember that there is more to life than having a dream of how Christmas should go and then being disappointed when it doesn't go that way.

But I'm not making much sense here, just kind of babbling to myself, while I enjoy some well-earned time off work.

Ahhhh holidays, I do like the non-work part of you very, very much.



Anonymous Not-so-wise Woman said...

Haha. People are awesome when they're... in "like". I was that way too until Christmas Eve, when I got my heart broken.
Now I'm not so awesome to be around. Sigh.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 10:31:00 am  
Blogger Victoria said...

Aww man, I'm so sorry. Would a hug help?



Wednesday, December 26, 2012 5:13:00 pm  

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