Saturday, 26 January 2013

Traditions Passed

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Something I keep meaning to tell you about, is the fact that this summer, when we were waiting for Dad's surgery, and we three spent a lot of time together trying not to worry, I asked my Mom to re-teach me something she'd taught me as a child, but that I hadn't taken to at the time.

I asked her if she'd re-teach me to knit.

I grew up with Mom always knitting something, and had really cool sweaters (yes, they were cool!) and things and even as I got older, she, for example, knitted me a Harry Potter scarf, just like theirs (!) when the first movie came out, and knitted me a little outfit for my teddy bear when his stomach started wearing away (and the outfit matches my comforter, how adorable is that don't you just want to hug my Mom?!)

I think when she first taught me I just didn't see the point.  Or maybe it felt too complicated.  But this time round, I wanted a distraction, and I also wanted to carry on her knowledge and ability, one that I know she learned from her mother and Aunts, and one that I wanted to at least try, even if I wasn't all that good.

So Mom patiently taught me how to do the simplest of stitches and, again, patiently put up with me when I'd get all flustered when I would make a mistake.  And after the first few days of making a bit of a muddle of things, I started to find my way, and got totally hooked.

One of our local department stores was closing and selling of... everything, and so I went in and bought some cheap wool.  And I started making things!

Well, really, I started making square things.  Or rectangular things.  Facecloths at first.  (I called the first one the "holey facecloth" because it had quite a number of "whoopsies" and holes in it.

I made my first actually decent piece for my Dad, a facecloth for him to use to clean his wound after his surgery, and it was nice to see a ball of nothing, turn into an actual something, and then to be able to give it to him to use.

It was really a cool feeling.

So then I went to one of the fancier wool shops downtown and bought some lovely, soft wool (I know it's probably not wool, but I just call it that anyway) and made a simple scarf for my girlfriend who was having a baby.

And again, the feeling of having turned a pile of string into an actual thing that then someone could use and see and feel and appreciate?  Was pretty awesome.

I've always been a creative person.  But no one can wear your drawing, or your dance piece, or your monologue.  So to be able to make something physical and useful is really really nice.

And fun.

The third thing I made was a super cozy and pretty cowl neck scarf for me!  And every time I wear it, I think "man, I MADE this!" and "I'm so warm!"  It's awesome.

I'm really happy I asked.

I learned how to knit, y'all!


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