Thursday, 21 February 2013

I Know I Could Just Google It

Oldsmobile by foundimagination
But it's way more fun to ask you guys something than to google it!

There's someone who lives in my building and whenever they start up their car to leave it squeaks.

Well, to be more accurate, it doesn't squeak when they start up, it squeaks either when they first come out of park or take the emergency brake off or start to move, I'm not quite sure.  But it's a definite squeak.  Squeak, squeak!

What is it?

What's squeaking?

And why?


Dominic said...

Needs a new fan belt.

Or maybe has a small furry animal living under the bonnet.

Jonathan said...

Yes... it's the fan belt. It sucks air through the radiator, and forces air onto the engine block. Of course it could also be a lack of oil in the engine - but it's not going to do that for long before the engine lunches itself...

Victoria said...

It's a LOUD small furry animal then Dominic! ;)

I should tape the sound and play it for you guys then you can be all"yep, fan belt" or "nope, osselator tube"

It's so a weird sound!

Victoria said...

I feel like I should clarify.

It's just ONE squeak. Squeeaaaaaaaak? (it goes up in pitch like the car's asking a question. "really?")