Wednesday, 13 February 2013

What I Learned

I learned something in a fairly spectacular fashion last night and I thought I should share it with you, my beloveds.

If you decide to make popcorn and slice some butter off of the... uh... loaf?  Bar?  The... thing of butter... stick?  Yeah, if you slice some butter off of the stick and put it in the microwave to melt, but it turns out that accidentally there was a piece of the butter stick wrapper, yes, the shiny gold metallic wrapper left on the piece of butter you chose to melt?

Yeah, that sucker will explode and catch on fire and make you think the world is coming to and end and you will gasp in the most gaspiest of ways because that's all your brain can think to do while you figure out how to turn off the microwave that now has exploding fire inside it and at no point did you think that would ever happen because you've never accidentally left some of the foil lined wrapper on the butter before.

Seriously.  I've never gasped quite so dramatically before.



Flaming fire in my 'wave.

(And, yes, I still had popcorn.  With butter.  Sans flame.)


Bad.Days said...

A few years ago I tried to dry fresh herbs in my microwave. I heard it could be done, and didn't bother to read up on how. I just threw the herbs on a paper towel and set the microwave for a minute (that seems like enough time to dry something, right?). A flaming ball of herbs and paper towel was the much less than a minute.

Exciting times!

Victoria said...

oh no! ;)