Saturday, 6 July 2013

Alanis Would Like It

The forecast last weekend told us that the weather this week would be hot.  And sunny.  And hot.

And did we mention hot?

So on Sunday, as it headed up the thermometer, I decided it was time to rescue my fan out from behind the couch, where it'd been since the unusually warm week in Spring.

I fished it out, plugged it in and.... er.... um...


I fiddled with it, took it apart as best I could but the engine just seemed to have given out.

So I had to go buy me a new fan.  Which I did. 

Fortunately, they were still in stock (well, some were, anyway) at my local London Drugs, and?  They were on sale!

I got what seems to be a pretty fancy dancy one, and a smaller tower one which, compared to the big fancy one just seems to make noise, and I'm glad I did.  Between the fan(s) and open windows and blinds down and shut all day, my apartment has been livable.  There's really only a few hours a day when it's sweat inducingly warm, and that's why they invented going outside!

The end.

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