Friday, 22 November 2013

Change Is The Only Constant

I'm ok, you know.  I realized this yesterday.

I think it was partly because Jay texted me saying he wished I wasn't so far away for a visit.

It's just a nice feeling to know someone out there... likes me.  You know?

Plus, I've already mourned the breaking up.  So even if we're over, sort of half again, it's not as painful as it was the first time.

And then there was the giggling.

I don't know if you remember when I mentioned that my friend and I are doing a 365 project with each other?  And mine is art-based and hers music based?

Well yesterday, the topic she gave me was "hot air balloon" and it just popped into my head... I knew what to do.

So I got home, and I printed out a photo of Jay's head.  (Well it was a photo of his shoulders, face and head, but I just cut out the head.)  And then I glued it onto a piece of paper I'd painted blue, and I drew on the wires and whatnot to make Jay into a giant hot air balloon.  Because, you know, he's full of hot air.

And I giggled the whole time.

Which was really nice.  To feel that way.

And it was nice to feel ok.


I hope it keeps going.
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