Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A Three Sixty

I'm not doing Project 365 (a photo every day for a year) this year and I'm a little sad about it.

Sad's not quire the right word, but I think I'm missing it.

I've done it three times now, three years.  I think I took a year off before, but I'd have to go look.

(Hey, Victoria, it's super easy to go look.  So go look.)

Yeah, I did it in 2010, took 2011 off, and then did it two years in a row for 2012 and 2013.

I think I wanted the break because at the switchover to the new year it felt like more of a chore than something I was really into.  Like, I found myself thinking, damn, I haven't taken a photo today and now I have to go find something, anything to shoot, rather than thinking about what I might like to go take.

I dunno.  I know it's hard in the shorter times of year when it's dark when I wake up and dark when I get home from work (oh and can I just stop for a second to squeal with joy over the fact that the days seem to be getting ever so slightly longer again?  Squeeee!) and I know that December is a hard month for things anyway, but I came to January first and just didn't feel like jumping back into it.

Which, as I say has been a bit of a mixed blessing because some days I'm relieved that it's not something else on my plate, but I sometimes find myself going "oh... I didn't actually take any photos today...(sad face)" so I don't know.

I guess part of me likes the forced consistency while part of me is relieved to have a bit of breathing room.

And I'm still taking a photo most days, don't get me wrong...

And there's also the fact that I do have a not-so-anonymous second flickr account now and I want to start putting my "favourite" photos there, without neglecting this account, so I was having a hard time coming up with two great photos every day.

Now the funny thing is when I do have two photos I like, trying to figure out which one goes where.

I generally put the one I like slightly more on my other one, and the "almost" one here.

So, yeah.  Not doing 365 this year for photos.

But still doing a drawing a day, still writing every day, still taking photos nearly every day.

And trying to drink more water.

Every day.


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