Saturday, 15 February 2014

Like Maybe Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Kind of Thing

Wired?  I Am. by foundimagination
I had a dream the other night that was one of those "feels like it's going on all night even though I know it's probably just been the last little while" kind of intense real dreams.

I was in a band.

But, like not a rock and roll heavy metal band, sort of a rock folk kind of I don't even know it was just that we were pretty popular and right on the edge of a massive breakthrough.  Breakout.  Whatever.

I was the bass singer.

It made sense in the dream.  I was not quite the lead singer, Jay was I think, but I was pretty important front line wise.  Anyway.

Jason might have been in the band too for all I know.  Jay and I weren't together anymore in the dream, but had been, and still occasionally got together in less than sober too late nights on the road, but that was part of our creative process and part of why we snapped and quarreled but made great music together.

We were on our headlining tour and about to play the next gig which was at an outdoor summer fair.  I needed a break (from Jay? from something...) and so I decided to take the car to the next town over to get a slurpee or a chocolate bar or something.

Now turns out the area I was dreaming was the place we stayed at our first night heading down to Burning Man, the roads were all those roads.

The "car" however, was a gigantic beast.  Like two or three Hummers all put into one enormous thing.

I was decent at driving it, I guess it was my car after all somehow, (I wish you could see how big it was, like picture those giant mining vehicles and you're in the right ballpark) but getting into the little parking lot where the Mac's was, I knew parking would be tricky.  (I swear it was the Thrifty's parking lot at Galiano on Saltspring)

So I maneuvered and found a free parking spot and went to get my treats.

I was in the lineup, which was a very long lineup and very slow and I chatted a bit with the homeless man in front of me.

I had two dollars, and only needed one so I gave him my extra and then felt bad that I didn't give him both.

As the line took longer and longer to go through, I realized that I might be running out of time to get back for the gig (which couldn't go on without me, remember) so I asked one of the guys (all older, bearded rough around the edges, fallen on tough times but salt of the earth kind of guys) how long the drive was back into (name of place here) and they said it was about twenty minutes and I realized that I had to leave now to get back in time to just barely make it before the show.

So I dropped everything on the counter and left the line and ran back to my car.  Or, I should say "car".

I got there and there was a ticket on the windshield.  Which turned out to be a note.  I'd inadvertently parked in the reserved spot of the local realtor and she wasn't happy.

I didn't have time to explain myself so I just started the engine, but then her assistant came out and I tried to explain that it was the only two free spots and that my vehicle was kind of big and so tall that I hadn't seen the reserved sign and I was really sorry and I don't know man, the whole dream was really vivid and seemed so real and went on for a long while... apparently.


Anonymous Chris said...

interesting..... :P

Sunday, February 16, 2014 11:34:00 am  
Blogger Victoria said...

It was! ;)

Sunday, February 16, 2014 12:25:00 pm  

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