Saturday, 1 February 2014

Prospective Perspective

Babies by foundimagination
I have a friend who split up from her boyfriend somewhere around the time Jay and I (first) split up.

My friend's relationship was a long-term one, but one of the bumps in their path was her wanting to have children and him not being sure he was ready.

So my friend has bravely decided that she is going to try to conceive a child on her own, and I'm sending her all my love and support.

And this weekend I supported her in a way I would never have expected as I helped her look over some of her potential "donors."

It struck me, how someone in her situation is looking at things like health background and family histories and how so many people just find someone, fall in love, and have a child.

I don't know if I could handle being responsible for picking the father of my child like that.  Would I blame myself for any faults the child had?  Genetic issues?  Would I wonder if any frustrating behaviours or traits wouldn't be there if I'd chosen a different donor?

I don't know how my friend is going to pick and I don't envy her situation, but it's also amazing that there are men out there who are willing to help someone in this way.

I'm not sure I have my head quite wrapped around it all, I just know I can't imagine the stress she might be feeling at this moment and I don't know that I'd be handling it even half as well as she seems to be.


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