Saturday, 30 August 2014

Your Mileage May Vary

It's weird to think that August is ending.  I feel like it just got here.  And remember, I'm writing this over a week ago, knowing it will post today... the day the Man burns.

I've seen photos of the Man going up, the on site construction.  It's massive.

Mas sive.

And although at this writing I haven't seen it in person yet?  I can almost guarantee I won't want them to burn it.

I'm not sure what the burning represents to each of the sixty something thousand people there, but to me last year it was incredible to see the work, effort, engineering, and artistry that went into the structures and to know that they were only there to be there.  They were made, hundreds and hundreds of man hours, and transported...and built in this the middle of nowhere... just for the sake of art.

For the sake of doing something that means something.  Of getting together and saying art is important, being a good human being is important.  Taking care of yourself is important.  Giving for the sake and joy of giving is important.  Taking care of your surroundings and leaving no trace is important.  Picking up after yourself is important!  Being present is important.  Being alive and participating in life is important. It's all important.  And when we've reminded ourselves of that, and had some fun and given hugs and connected with strangers who aren't strangers at all, we take it all down and it was as if it never was.

Live life while it's happening.

That's what the burning of the Man means to me.


Army of the Frenetic said...


So are you home or are you at Burning Man today? I'm actually confused as to where you are, right now.

And just so you know, I was meaning to give you a "Safe Trips Hug", but you had already hit the road!

Victoria said...

On the 30th? I was there :) And thanks for the hug, it seems to have worked ;)