Saturday, 18 October 2014

In Other News

So in completely other news, Fall arrived last weekend.

I saw someone somewhere online describe it as Fall showing up rubbing the sleep out of its eyes and guiltily glancing at its watch.

We had rain last weekend that was pretty seriously heavy at times and then it was suddenly like all the trees remembered they were supposed to drop their leaves and so the streets got littered with leaves and acorns and chestnuts and trees started becoming a little less than green.

It was kind of weird, made the week feel a little different because we had more rain than sun and so I guess Extendo-Summer's over and it's the time of year where our hemisphere shakes out scarves and sweaters and wonders about how Winter might go.


Elliott said...

Fall arrived here too. We had to dig the ski clothes out )not the jackets and pants, but the high tech warm sweaters) to stay warm on the golf course. And hitting your ball under a leaf and not being able to find it when you saw it stop is a pain in the butt. Oh well...we still get to play and that's the fun part.

Victoria said...

Heh ;)

Jonathan said...

Yeah - fall arrived in the UK this week too. All the leaves started turning yellow and falling in heaps all over the place. It looked pretty for about a day and a half - now it's just a mess everywhere.

I'll cheer up soon, I promise :)

Victoria said...

That's pretty much how it happened here too! ;)