Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A Thing

I found myself grumbling the other day about all things Christmas and how I don't like this and that and I realized I didn't really want to spend the next month hating everything.

So even though Christmas has not been easy or fun for me the last while, I'm going to try to look for the good things around and about this December.

Like, the lights are pretty and help to brighten up the long evenings.

And... I do like that there are a bunch of songs that lots of people know and sing along to, that's a nice thing too.

And... that'll do for now I think.  It's a start, and even if that's all I remind myself of all season, that's ok.


Elliott said...

I love the outdoor lights too. I have often said they should be winter lights and left up for the winter. The lights bring me joy in the long winter. I love the sparkly colours at night.

Victoria said...

Yay! Sparkly and twinkly!

kandijay said...

I love Christmas. But I respect people who don't, or have a hard time with it. I feel that way about Valentine's Day. But here's what I love: the lights, the music, the food, the smells (associated with the food, I'm sure) and the time off work.

Hope you find ways to enjoy it this year!

Jason Langlois said...

I approach Christmas with as much humour as I can find.

But man, I really wish they wouldn't start playing Christmas songs until December.

Victoria said...

OOOh yes, Kandi, time off work! How could I forget ;) Yay!

I'm resisting putting a carol song in your head Jason! :D