Monday, 17 November 2014


I had two shots last week.

One was the flu shot, given by my doctor, the other was my booster for tetanus, diptheria and pertussus (needed every ten years, btw, public service announcement, you're welcome) given by a nurse in the pharmacy/shot clinic thingamy.

Here's what's weird.  The flu shot?  Hurt like a sunofagun.  For a couple of days.  Like not comfortable.  Owie owie, ow.

The other shot?  Not so much.  Not going in, not after, I mean, sure, it was tender and I could tell it was there and it wasn't comfortable but it hurt much much less than the flu shot had.  And I could feel the shot hurting when I turned my arm certain ways, like the actual muscle that had been... injected into hurt or something.

Is there a reason for this?  For one to hurt less than the other?  I'm not sure, but you can bet I'm going to google it and see!

And yeah, I'm happy to say I should be good to step on a rusty nail for the next ten years.

Not that I want to or anything... just saying.


Elana Elizabeth said...

Nurse in training here. Both Tdap and flu shots are intarmuscular (go in to the muscle). However the skill of the person administering it, the size of the needle they chose to use (nuses can choose based on size of the person and the dose they need to give), and the amount of the dose can all effect the aftermath and how you will feel. For the flu shot they generally use a pre-filled standard syringe for everyone without regard to your size or preference, which could be why they hurt like a mofo. Likely the dose of the vaccine is higher then Tdap also, which in the long run would create more discomfort because of the higher volume. Anyhow, doctors also suck at giving shots ;)

Victoria said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Thank you for your awesome answer, some of which I would have guessed (nursesrockahem) and others not so much! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with flu or immunization shots, but I didn't know where else to post it. Have you ever read this blog - Sometimes when I read her posts, I think of you also.

Victoria said...

I haven't, but thanks for the tip :)