Wednesday, 19 November 2014

T for Two (A Poem for J)

There was a punching bag with your name on it tonight
well, ok, not literally
it wasn't my bag to write on after all but you get the idea...
me, punching away at that bag
punching any anger I had into the bag and it wasn't too long before your name came up

Your name
and the fact that you never said thank you
and never tried to help
just used and took
and didn't even see it as that

And I'm not mad at myself
because I have a good heart
and I wanted to give
and care
and nurture
and love
and it's you I was punching that bag about

because you used me
and my generosity
and saw no reason not to
and gave no apologies when I called foul
had no grace or gratitude
just puppy dog eyes
holding me tight
after you were sated
never mind how I might feel


Jason Langlois said...


Elliott said...

Wow. That is so well written. And from I can glean from your writings and snippets of yourself, you seem to be all those things you described. Which makes it even worse.

Thanks for sharing.

Victoria said...

Thanks you guys. I felt weird putting it out there... something different and change is always... well not always well received.

Thanks :) You two rock!