Friday, 21 November 2014


So I totally had a post or two in my brain to write and since I've just sat down to write them... of course they're gone... Sigh.

So here's a random update instead!

I bawled my eyes out at the final episode of The O.C. last night.  Yes, that O.C.  I was watching it again as a mind mellowing zone out show and, well, the last episode of any series usually gets me because I know the actors were probably crying and upset about it all too.  But, yeah, tears.

I've managed to make "pan" popcorn a few times now, it was much easier than I thought.  It's not completely flavourless, but it's not... you know, butter and salty either.  A decent compromise?  We shall see.

Still hanging in at Boot Camp, figure I'm getting stronger because I'm up a couple of hand weight weights and don't seem to be dying although I am trying hard.  I never want to go though.  It's not as if the day of Boot Camp I'm like yay!  Well, sometimes I am, but then by the end of the day I do not want to go.  This is why it's good for me to have a buddy to go with.  I wouldn't be going if C-Dawg weren't going too.

Did I mention C-Dawg got engaged?  I can't remember.  But she did.  They did.  Summer wedding!  She's promised no high heels.  Amen.

Also, C-Dawg's flu shot didn't hurt her at all.  Crazy... but at least now I have some idea why!  Lucky dawg.  (Heh... I made a funny.)

Our town's mini cold snap is over, a co-worker and his wife had a baby, I keep thinking about Jay lately (it's about a year since we broke up for the final time), and trying to keep myself from worrying about how Burning Man will all work out this year.  Things are pretty decent with Jason and I right now, we seem to have made it through another really bad patch.  Facebook is still the devil's work...  Christmas lights are springing up all over... time for me to stay out of the malls.

But, as someone pointed out, it's not too long before the days, techinically, start getting longer again.  Yay!

Oh, and I upgraded to Yosemite and am trying to figure that all out, plus my sonicare needs recharging every couple of days now and I can't really afford a replacement right now so I'm just putting up with more regular recharging.

Finally (I think) energy wise, I realized I'd not been consistent with taking my B12 (I have droplets, the shots hurt too much and the vitamins disagree with me) and I've been taking that daily and I really think it has helped my energy and maybe even my mood.  Plus, I'd not been doing my mindfulness/meditation and I got myself back on track with that this week and while I do think it helps I can't find anything it makes worse other than taking twenty minutes of my time to do.


Jason Langlois said...

I'm glad you're trying to get back to the mindfullness. Only based on the blog posts, it was definitely helping.

Just had my birthday this weekend, and I'm so glad the cold snap broke. Sunshine is much better than the grey and cold.

Burning Man will work out and be awesome.

Victoria said...

Happy Birthday!!!!