Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Saga Continues

(David Attenborough voice:  We re-join the scene as Victoria deals with having had cold feet due to her water bottle death earlier last week...)

Sooooooo I figured I could survive without a replacement water bottle til next Winter seeing as Spring seems to have arrived here already, but the super sunny (gorgeous) days last week were also chilly and my feets wanted some warmth so I put it on my to-do list for this weekend.

Also on my list for this weekend was an Ayurvedic head massage my brother had gotten me a gift certificate for for my birthday.  Saturday mid day, I set out on a lovely walk to the massage and left suitably relaxed and zen-ned out.

C-Dawg had had the massage before and told me my hair would be all oiled up but it felt pretty decent to me and since there were no mirrors in the place, I just kind of patted it into what I figured was a normal shape and went on my blissed out business.

I glanced in a shop window at one point and my hair seemed poofy but fine so I went into London Drugs to find me a hot water bottle.

Now, I was pretty relaxed from the massage so I didn't have any luck finding where they were hiding them but I did notice one lady in the store giving me a funny look which I just kind of ignored and walked home.

At which point I looked at myself in the mirror.

Not only did I have a "massage print" line on my forehead, half of my hair was sticking straight out on one side.  Whoops!  I looked a little cray cray so no wonder the nice lady gave me an odd once-over!  My bad.

Anyway... it wasn't until Sunday that I managed to get myself back to the store where the hot water bottles were CLEARLY on a shelf I'd looked right at the day before and, well, now my feet are toasty warm again, the end.


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