Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Go Marching

Most likely because we didn't really have a cold Winter and the sun has been here the last little while, the wee sugar ants that seem to live in my wall have been out and about, scouting for... whatever it is ants scout for.  Food, I'd imagine.

I first noticed one a few weeks back and smooshed it and did so to each new one or two over the next little while.

I was on the phone with Jason at the end of next week, however, and perhaps because it had been a particularly sunny day, there was ant after ant after ant.

I told Jason the ants were back and he told me I should go get traps right away because that probably meant they were hatching or... something else I'd really rather not think about because *shudder*.

I went to London Drugs but they didn't have any ant bait/traps/whatnot as they're a "seasonal" item and I suppose the ants don't know it's not their season yet.  So I drove to the Home Hardware and picked up some ant trap things and some droplets and I came home and placed them, as directed, around where they appear.

I think the traps are peanut butter based or something and it wasn't the greatest smell to get used to but I haven't seen an ant since.

Hopefully I didn't just curse myself by typing this out loud, but we shall see.  At the very least I have the means to ... well, let's just be honest, kill them.  Yes, it kind of makes me feel bad but I don't want to live with ants and I don't want them spreading so this is just how it's going to be.  Sorry ants.  Go hunt for treats elsewhere... or... just maybe don't.


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