Thursday, 2 April 2015


I think I can honestly say I have no idea what I have or haven't written about here the last while (hi, thanks stress!) so... forgive me if I'm repeating... or assuming you know things you've never heard before.  Ta da.

I told my building management that the little sugar ants are back (they were early this year) and they had pest control come in to spray.  (Or, at least I assume they came in and sprayed...)

They also left some of those mini tent like trap things that are really just glue traps, I assume to see how many of the little guys still are around.

And, of course, the ants are avoiding them.

Like, seriously.  I actually tried to stick the trap right in front of an ant and scoop it in and the ant kind of shrugged and turned around and went the other way. 

Nevermind the fact that I find the idea of the sticky traps to be particularly upsetting (nasty way to go I think... ugh) and not particularly helpful... I called my management again and told them that the treatment didn't seem to have worked as the ants are still around. 

They're coming back today (I think) to do another treatment (which I don't see the point of as I'm pretty sure the ants don't live in my apartment and they should be treating the ... hill?  home?  whatever... place they're all at) and I went to look at one of the traps and?  No ants, but two silverfish (don't like them either) which I'm finding terribly amusingly ironic or something.

Like, hey, let's leave these traps for this one particular pest you have a problem with.

Oh... ok, we didn't catch any of those but we caught a few of this other pest... um.. whoops?


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