Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Been Marching

So randomly this Saturday there was a knock on my door.

Or... this Saturday, there was a random knock on my door.

It was the building manager lady and a pest control guy who'd been upstairs dealing with something else (silver fish)

He came in and I was able to tell him where I generally see the ants.  He sat for a bit, looked with his flashlight and apparently found a few ants.  He identified them and talked about how my place is part of a trail that's been established and that can't really be changed without them finding just another way around (that may be worse... ie my bedroom or something)  So he explained that the best thing we could try was the poison bait that they take back to the nest and... then... *sad trombone noise*

He looked at the Raid traps and liquid bait I had out and explained that when the potency was that high, the ants would smell the poison and probably not take it.  Which.... they haven't.

He also explained that at different times of the year, they're attracted to different things.  Sometimes it's high in fat, sometimes it's the sweet.  Sometimes they'll like one thing one month and then go off it and like another. 

It was really interesting chatting with someone who knows about (and respects) ants.  We talked about how they really are very cool and interesting and that unfortunately, I just don't want them in my place.  Sorry ants.

He went back out to his truck and brought back in a few different types of bait.  One, rather large grains, another a type of sweet liquid and then another different type of liquid. 

Before he'd even finished putting the second set of droplets out (he was putting them where he'd seen them as that's where their trail likely was) an ant came along, picked up one of the huge-to-them grains and walked awkwardly away with it.  It was impressive.  Both that the ant was doing it and that the bait had worked so quickly.

After he left, I sat for a while and watched as more and more ants came to the area (my window sill)  They were all most interested in one of the liquid baits and as the fellow explained, it had a low enough concentration that they couldn't smell the poison, but would still be taking it back to their nest.

(It still makes me a little sad that they think they've found yummy food and it ends up being very very bad for them, and I do wish we could just redirect them to something yummy outside instead, but these are the choices I'm making.)

The next morning there was none of that particular type of droplet left, and I don't think it evaporated... I think they took it all away, one ant droplet at a time.

So far, they haven't returned (or at least not that I see) and apparently the pest control people will be checking in with me in a few weeks for an update.  I hope to be able to tell them I've been ant free.

I'm going to keep my eye open for the types of liquid bait he used... I think they were called Opti something or Max...something, even if they might not like it next year.

But yeah, it was pretty awesome to see an expert do what they know how to do best, and see it working.

So, so far so good.  (For me, not for my little visitors)

Hopefully The End.


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