Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Ho Ho Howdy Sunshine!

I feel like right now is the Summer equivalent of the "there's so much going on!" madness that is Christmas and New Years.

This Sunday alone there was Father's Day walks and events, and a "car free" event downtown and Jazz Fest and I'm sure a huge number of other things but I only managed to get myself to one.

Oh, and it was the longest day of the year!

And super hot and sunny.

But, yeah.  I could have wandered downtown and been part of Jazz Fest and the Car Free stuff but I did a 5 K walk in the morning with my Dad and didn't really think through hydrating myself and forgot a hat and so I just wanted to stay indoors and rest and re-hydrate for most of the rest of Sunday!

But, yeah, there's so much going on and it's hard enough to keep up with what all is offered never mind get to it, plus the things that aren't main events but are still happening, yikes!


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