Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Other Moments

There are, I'm sure, a million other moments from this year's Burn that were special....magical... small yet perfect.

Like, whatever morning it was that Connor, Sarah and I decided to crack open a drink right after breakfast.  (I'd brought some vodka peach iced teas from home since I know I like them.)  And as we sat there, chatting about nothing, having a drink, staring off at the distant mountains, we wondered why everyone didn't always start the day with a drink!  And I suppose many do, really, but yeah, that was a nice morning.

Or standing on the art car, looking out over the playa, dancing to the music as Max hugged me from behind...dancing along himself.  All right with the world, beauty, love, art, relaxation.  Perfection.

Or the time we were relaxing, early one morning on Max's bed but had thrown his door open as it was warm.... and his neighbour came by to deliver the weekly newspaper (yes, you read that right) and got an unexpected view of Max's bottom, since we'd also thrown off the blankets due to heat!  Giggles all round.  Oh wait... Max wasn't naked... uh... no, uh... his bottom was covered by boxer shorts.  Yeah, that.  (Ahem)  (Whew, escaped that one!)

Or the evening that Sarah and I went out to find some live music and then wondered what the big line next to the band was and it turned out it was midnight grilled cheese so we waited in line and had what I have to admit may be the best tasting grilled cheese I've ever had!  (Yes, I ate gluten....shhhhh) 

There's something really amazing about moments like the grilled cheese one because you start to think about what all is going into it.  There's the people, who are giving their time to make and serve who knows how many grilled cheese sandwiches every night...all week.  And, can we just think about how much bread that is?  And how much cheese?  And propane (or whatever fuel)?  And how much that costs?  And that they're giving them away?  Because!  That's Burning Man.  That's a gift economy.  That's just part of why I love burners.  And Black Rock City.  And Burning Man.  That.

Or when we were biking along and Connor pointed out that we'd just passed my favourite Burning Man crush and I turned right around, found him and gave him the biggest hug, explaining that watching him and his camp mates put together their art car in 2013 had kept me sane when the heat was killing me.  Or as I already mentioned, Connor running into the same girl he'd sat with on an art car two years ago and them remembering each other?  Or me, seeing an art car I recognized from a guy I'd talked with on a dating site and seeing him and realizing that I could have gone up and introduced myself and had a funny moment there.

Or biking around on burn night, in the cold and finding El Pulpo Mechanico and watching it shoot fire and light up the night and yelling with joy at the top of my lungs because this place is beyond belief.

Or the time Max's camp mate asked if he could hold my wrist and then asked me if he could figure out what I did for a living, and then guessed I was a spy?  Dude..... how'd you know that?

Or all the times I would just watch Max and be more impressed by who he is and how he is and would just think "wow" and then he'd catch me looking at him and he'd smile.  And then I'd smile even more.

Or finally catching a sunrise, because we wanted to leave as early as we could and Sarah and I woke up around five, and got to see the sun come up as we packed up camp and drove out.

Or going back to Max's camp Sunday morning to say goodbye to the people I'd met and hoped to see again next summer, if not sooner, (and feeling like I really liked these people and that maybe, just maybe I'd camp with them next year...)

Or the random guy, out in the street, with a leaf blower, blowing the dust around and telling people that really, they had to get the streets cleaned, come on now!

Or the girl who stopped by my camp when I was just sitting there one afternoon, and asked if I had any duct tape.  I did, and she fixed whatever it was that needed fixed on her bike and then gave me a piece of pyrite and talked about how she had come from Mexico and this place was blowing her mind.

Or chatting to the fellow who stopped on his way by our camp and told us about the camp he stumbled into and how there were Russian celebrities there and that was a whole bizarre experience for him....and for me, listening.

So many moments.  Such a wonderful time.  Wonderful place.  Wonderful people.  Wonderful creativity.

And wonderful Max.

I was overwhelmed when I got home.  By being home, and by going back to work and being slammed by that, but also by the massively wonderful feelings I have for Max and our relationship.

More on that to come I'm sure... and maybe more little moments from the week as my brain remembers them.  Or not.  Who knows... 

But that, more or less, was my burn.  The things I'd vaguely planned to do didn't really get done, but Max and I found each other and that, and that Connor, Sarah and I all had a good time and came home safe, well, that's all that matters, really. 


Anonymous Elliott said...

That sounds like some many incredible times to be packed into a week.

So glad everything worked out so well for you.

And better Max's backside than yours...although I'm sure everyone would appreciate yours.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 8:24:00 am  
Blogger Victoria said...

SO many incredible times, and these are just the ones I remember today! I'm glad it all worked out too, thanks. Oh, and I don't know about that, Max's backside is quite nice if I do say so myself ;) (I may be biased, however) :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 6:24:00 pm  

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