Thursday, 7 January 2016


Whatever it is I have to say or think I might want to say seems to run out of my head entirely when I sit down to type.  Which... is inconvenient at best.... sigh.

Someone who clearly doesn't know that C-Dawg and I are friends tried to tell her a rumour about me yesterday.  Or, I suppose not a rumour so much as information that isn't true.  And C-Dawg just looked at her and said oh really?  Funny, you'd think I'd know that as I'm her best friend...

Weird how that works.

I know it's sort of addictive to talk about people.  Especially when they're not there.  To have news and to be able to share it is a form of power in a way I guess.  But being on the receiving end (no, it wasn't anything nasty or mean, just... false) it makes me scratch my head.  Because someone had to have started that.  Did they take it from something I said?  Something I intimated?  Did they say "I wonder if" and someone took that as "here's a truth"?

I would like to be bothered less by what people think or say about me.

Which probably means I have to think more about myself to begin with.  Not more as in volume, but more as in positively, self..worthily.

Huh, go figure, my brain found something to talk about after all.


Blogger Jason Langlois said...

Opinion confused for fact seems to be the source of such things. And, like in the game of Telephone, as information gets passed around it tends to morph.

I'm glad you're continuing to find stuff to talk about. I really enjoy reading what you have to say.

Thursday, January 07, 2016 3:13:00 pm  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

I sometimes wonder if people talk about me behind my back - but then also think "this is the start of a slippery slope - if I worry about that, I'll worry about everything"... so I just carry on regardless. But sometimes it's hard...

Thursday, January 07, 2016 4:18:00 pm  
Blogger Victoria said...

Fair point Jason... opinion confused for fact indeed.

I've spent so much time at the bottom of that slippery slope Jonathan... trying to climb out of it :)

Thursday, January 07, 2016 8:14:00 pm  

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