Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Oh Dear...

Now, I know it's not particularly healthy of me, but I've taken to having a small bag (or two) of these lovely salt and pepper chips around.

I'll nibble on a few throughout the day (well, really just afternoons and evenings on the week days but you know what I mean) and go through a small bag every few days.  Or so.

At some point this weekend, I opened a bag and had a few chips, and then a few hours later (or whatever, I don't really know the exact timeline, I'm just making it up, pretend not to notice ok?  Could have been a few hours, or half of one... whatever!) I went back to have a couple more and I couldn't find the bag.

It wasn't in the cupboard where they always are.  ("Treats and crackers and protein bars and cereal" cupboard.  You have one too, right?)  Hmmm...

They weren't in the fridge.  (I thought maybe I'd been distracted and somehow put them away in there by mistake like the times you go to put the cereal away in the fridge instead of the milk or something like that.)  They weren't in the other cupboards either.  I checked them all.  Even the ones that didn't make any sense because I could tell that I'd somehow misplaced them and so.... who knew.

I even, slightly horrified, check the bathroom in case I'd wandered in there with them.  (I never take food into the bathroom, but you know that feeling of "I spaced out, clearly" means you may have done unusual things) Nope.  Bedroom?  Nope.  By the couch?  Nope.

I even checked the garbage can in case I'd finished the bag and just forgotten, but no, no empty bag in the bin either.

What had happened to that bag of chips?

I had no idea, but I still wanted some, so I went and opened another bag.

And it was when I opened the drawer to pull out a bag clip that I found the first, un-finished, but clipped bag of chips.

Yes, I'd been distracted, clearly, and it seems that instead of putting the bag back into the cupboard once I got the bag clip out, I put it back into the drawer I'd gotten the bag clip out of in the first place.

I felt a little bit better that an entire small bag of chips hadn't been carried off by aliens or something but then a little weirded out by my brain falling asleep on me.

Plus then I had two opened bags of chips.

I should really just probably stop buying them is all.


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